Saturday, April 11, 2009

Memories of Easter's in the Past

Easter growing up and still to this day is going to my grandma's house in Hinckley, Utah. The Hinckley town park held their annual Easter Egg hunt Saturday morning. I remember how much fun that was, having all my cousins around and finding (at that time) real hard boiled Easter eggs along with all the other kids in town.

After the hunt was over we would all gather back at Grandma's house and while the adults prepared our Easter dinner, all of us kids would take turns hiding the eggs and finding them over and over again. We had so much fun. I still love hiding and finding eggs. It's something I look forward to every year.

Many years, if the weather was decent, we would pack picnic lunches and head to the sand dunes. We would roll Easter eggs down the dunes and have contests to see whose egg would get to the bottom first. We rode ATV's, flew kites, and played in the sand. We always hoped the weather for Easter weekend would be nice enough so we could go to the dunes.

If we didn't go to the dunes, the Jubilee store in town of Delta which is about 5 miles from Hinckley sells Hot Dogs, Cotton candy, drinks, ice cream for 10 cents each over the Easter weekend. So we would always take the whole family down there and get lunch for the whole family for pretty darn cheap. I still look forward to that also. There is something about the hot dogs they make, even a person who doesn't like hot dogs (me), would like these ones. It's a fun tradition.

On Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny would hide our Easter baskets and we would have to search for them. Along with Easter baskets filled with goodies, we would usually get a dress and sandals. We would get dressed up in our new clothes and go to church with the whole family.

What wonderful traditions and memories those traditions hold for me year after year and for which I have carried on for my own children. However, this year is not keeping to tradition because my kids are in Cedar City and none of the extended family will be going to Hinckley either, due to other things going on in their lives. So I guess I will be enjoying a quiet weekend with my husband, we will go to church and my siblings who live in the area will gather at my parents home on Sunday afternoon for Easter dinner. We got together today at my sisters house and colored Easter eggs, ate pizza and watched movies. So that's something and it was fun but it was different then what I am used to.

While I think about Easter I also want to remember what Easter is really about. I am so grateful for my brother Jesus Christ, for his sacrifice, for the knowledge I have that he died for me, and that he was resurrected so that me may all return to our Father in Heaven some day. Let us all remember the true meaning of Easter and be thankful to Jesus Christ our Savior for his death and his Resurrection.

It has been really good to reminisce about the old days. I cherish all the wonderful memories I have of past Easters. What are your past Easter memories and traditions?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday's

We celebrated birthday's over the weekend. Shellise turned 15 years old on Sunday April 5th, Jessie turns 13 years old tomorrow, April 8th; and my brother, Jay turned (well I better not say) on April 3rd. So my family got together on Sunday afternoon to celebrate their birthdays. Here is the slideshow of the pictures I took. However.... my camera died completely right in middle of the party so... I didn't get all the pictures I hoped to get and they aren't the best quality. Time for a new camera!

Daisy Update

Just to let you know... Daisy is doing very well following surgery. We took her back to the Vet on Friday to get her stitches out. She no longer has to wear the "lamp shade" and she is feeling so much better. She is finally back to her cute, energetic, happy, playful self. It's good to see her feeling so much better. The tumor itself was benign, thank goodness.