Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Because everything is bigger in Texas....

Even the Texas State Flag!

Happy Wednesday to y'all!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The FaRmiLy

I just wanted to introduce you to some of our FaRmiLy....


This is are studly male Llama, Caesar
Isn't he a gorgeous animal.  Love his eye lashes.


We have had 4 Llama babies since November

Up front and center is Cinnamon and her baby Oreo is behind her.  
Dotty is the white Llama and her baby is Brownie right there in the middle
Oreo was born in early November, Brownie was born about a week later.  
Caesar fathered Brownie.

This is Baby Cakes and her baby Valentino.
Valentino was born on Valentines Day!

This is Pyam and in the background is Sebastian
Pyam is pregnant in the picture.  
Sebastian is the father of Oreo and Valentino and the unborn baby.
He is quite the stud!  Wish I had a better picture.

This is Cinnamon and Oreo a day or two after he was born.

And here are our cows.  These beauties are all Brangus Heifers.  
They are named after the Disney Princesses, Ariel, Jasmine and Mireda.
These are our future breeders.  

And the newest member of our Llama family is this beauty named Mystique.
Pyam gave birth to her on March 28th.  

The cows welcoming her into the world.  
Each one got to give her kisses.  
Surprisingly, mama Pyam allowed them to do this.  
Very sweet!  

And this is our cat Tangerine who as you can see loves our Daisy
Also very sweet!  

And here is our little princess Abby at Christmas

There are still a few more members of our FaRmiLy that I need to get photos of.  For instance we have 10 baby chicks that are almost big enough to go outside into their coop.  Right now they are in the garage under a heat lamp.  I will post photos of them soon.  

Yes I am quite the Rancher, Farmer, Cow Girl nowadays.  
My Grandpa would be proud!

Lovin' this Life!!