Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snowboarding Day!

Part of the Christmas gifts we gave the kids this year was a gift certificate for a day of snowboard lessons, complete with all the equipment, and lift passes. So last Saturday, Shellise, Bill, Shellise's Friend Megan, and I went to snowboarding up at Snow Basin. Shellise had a scheduled snowboarding class from 10:00 a.m. to Noon.
The weather wasn't great. It rained all morning and made it so that everyone got soaked pretty quickly. But Shellise had a good time learning how to snowboard. Bill & Megan enjoyed the morning too, riding the lift up the hill and snowboarding down many, many times. I enjoyed watching from the Lodge. Shellise did pretty good. She spent a lot of time falling on her rear end and did a few face plants in the snow, but for the most part had fun. However, because the weather was beginning to get even worse, we quickly cut the day short soon after Shellise's class was over.
Even though the weather wasn't the greatest, and Shellise ended up being very sore for the next several days, we still made some good memories and look forward to going again in the near future and when Jessie can go with us. Also....Preferably when the ski's are blue and the sun is shining!
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Playing Hookie... or something like that

Billy and I spent a wonderful day together. He didn't have to work until tonight so this morning we got up early and headed up to Snowbasin for some snowboarding. Well he did the snowboarding and I provided the moral support... OR.... well I enjoyed sitting in the nice, warm, comfy lodge and read a book, sipped hot chocolate and watched him from the window as he snowboarded... thats moral support right? :) He has been trying to get me to learn, but I can't even balance on a skateboard and things of that nature, how would I balance myself on that as I am also moving down hill? Give me a sled or something I can sit on! :) Maybe I will someday. Most importantly, he had fun doing something he loves, and I enjoyed myself too. I would have had pictures to post if I would have remembered to bring the camera.

We went out for a late lunch on the way home and picked up Shellise from school. Then all three of us went to the gym and worked out for about an hour. As always, it's so invigorating!

Later, and since it's Thursday, that means it's bowling night for me. Billy came and provided moral support to me while I did something I love to do. I bowled some decent games. My team won the first half of the season and we are starting on the 2nd half. My teammate bowled a 300 game tonight. The first time ever for him and the first time ever for me watching someone bowl that. For those of you non-bowlers. That is the very best you can do. That is a strike in every frame. A perfect game. And not many people can reach that. It was real exciting and fun.

It was a really nice day...... lots of good memories made. Now Billy is off to work, driving to Wamsutter Wyoming and back (9-10 hrs round trip).... And... I am off to bed. I hope everyone had a great day also.

Keep posting your awesome blogs that I love to read!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photos - Better late than never

These are random photos from 2008 that I have wanted to post but never got around to.

Jessie, Daisy, Shellise & Abby
"Our Kids"

Jessie and his best friend Ryan Graham

Jessie & Ryan

Rocky - Our Cockatoo

Our Dog - Abby "the house Princess"

Abby - Isn't she cute?

Billy - Paragliding

Me getting ready to Paraglide

Me with my paragliding instructor

Our Wedding Day

I love this one of my mom. She is being silly. She might not appreciate this picture but I love it.

Billy & I and Bishop Costner

Our First Kiss as a Married Couple

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So Far So Good

I have been doing much better the past several days. I have been taking a natural herbal remedy to help with hormonal imbalances which can cause mood swings and I seem to be feeling much better. Thank Goodness! It beats having to go on anti-depressants. I hate seeing doctors so if I can help myself through natural ways then Hooray for me. Time will tell, but I do feel much more like myself lately. Of course the sun being out more helps too. I have loved seeing the sun the past few days. Anyway... Just wanted to share. Hope you are all doing well too.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Glad today is over!

Today started out pretty good I thought, but ended up not being so good. Every single person I had to deal with today for work was mean, rude, ugly and many other words. By the end of the day I was angry and emotional and exhausted. I am also missing my husband who has been gone for a couple days and still isn't home and I am just so tired of dealing with all these emotions lately.

I am still fighting the blues. Some days I am happy and some days I just want to throw myself on the floor kicking and screaming with anger and then some days I just want to cry. And some days like today I experience it all. Whatever hormonal imbalance I am dealing with I just want it to go away! I hate how it is affecting me and those around me. I hate feeling out of control. It is not like me.

I have been working a lot lately, because we are swamped with work and we can use the extra money right now. But having to work more means not getting anything done around the house. I still have not taken down Christmas and the house is a disaster.. and that is really bothering me too because I like to have a house of order. Bill has been gone a lot for work and Shellise is extremely busy with school and all of her extracurricular activities. So there is no one to pick up the slack and help out.

I guess I am not dealing with things very well and I really hate that. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. And since I am so exhausted... I must get to bed and get some sleep.

I hope everyone reading this has a much better day and attitude than I have had.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

We at the Carpenter house had a wonderful holiday season and we hope that you all did too. We spent most of our time with family. My sister, Alicia, had our whole family invade her new, spacious, home not only on Christmas Day but also New Years Eve and New Years Day. We are talking about Mom & Dad, and all 5 of us siblings and our families. We had everyone together this year. We had a blast playing games, watching movies and eating yummy food. We have really enjoyed my sister, Valerie, her husband, Bob, their son Parker and dog, Sallie Mae who was able to travel from Texas to spend all the Holiday Season with us. It has been so much fun spending time together as a family. We have also enjoyed the time spent with Jessie & Shellise. Jessie was able to stay up here the whole 2-1/2 weeks and it's been great. I have yet to get the Christmas pictures uploaded, but I will work on that and will post them later.

The only thing that was missing was Bill's side of the family. His kids, parents and brother live in other states and so we were not able to see or spend any time with them. We hope that we will be able to take a trip to see them all really soon this year. We want them all to know that we love them and miss them and are very greatful to have them in our lives.

Thanks to all of you who sent us your Christmas cards and pictures. I was real slacker this year and didn't get my traditional card and letter out. But I am so thankful that you did. I love looking at your pictures and reading your letters. I will do better the next Holiday Season.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year! I look forward to regularly keeping up to date with you via your blogs... so keep blogging people!