Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family, Funeral, Florida....

A quick update....

I am currently with my family, in Florida, for a funeral.  I am sad to say that my uncle, Que William Alldredge, passed away last Friday.  It has been a sad few days. However, I am really happy that I was able to make the trip to Florida to be with my cousins and other family that I have not seen in many, many years.  My mom and dad flew into Dallas on Sunday and then Valerie and I and mom and dad drove the 14 hours to Panama City, FL.  The funeral was on Tuesday and we are spending a few days so we can enjoy family, the beaches, take in the scenery, and more family time.

I am cherishing this time with all of my family.  I feel so lucky that I now live close enough that it is only a day drive away to see them.   I hope I can come again soon.

My uncle was a fun, kind and loving man.  I  have so many wonderful memories of him.  He will be dearly missed.

I will post pictures at a later date.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Announcing the Winner and my New Blog Name...

Well it is that time.  We finally arrived in our new state and are settling in nicely.  DH made it through the first week of his job and it is going very well.  I began a new session of classes and that is going well also.  I have only 5 more classes after this session until I graduate with my associates degree and begin the bachelor's program.  Getting excited about that.

But that is not what you are really wanting to know now is it?  You are here because you are curious about my new blog name and to find out who won the blog name giveaway.

I hope you like it!  I did!  I think it is a very "catchy" name.  Thank you to Lara over at Overstuffed, who sent in this idea for the name of my blog.  I received several ideas that I really liked as well, which made it difficult to choose.  I want to thank all of you who gave me such awesome suggestions.  And I want to thank my sister for helping me decide which one to use.  Lara, please contact me with your address so I can forward you your prizes.

Right now we are in the beginning stages of getting a new home built.  We have chosen a style and floor plan and have met with the builders.  Now we are getting things ready to clear the land and then survey and excavate it.  I am getting excited!

I am also really enjoying the time I get to spend with my sister Valerie .  We just got tickets for the Twilight marathon at a local theater on November 14th.  I am so happy that I have someone to do fun things like that with now.

I guess that wraps things up for now.   I am crazy busy with school but in my spare time I will be creating  a new design for my blog and hopefully be able to update more often and catch up with you as well.

Life is Good!

 See you soon!