Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Up With Us?

I just realized how long its been since I last posted something onto our blog. I really have struggled in trying to figure out what to write. Most of the time I think our life is so boring and monotonous that nobody would be interested in hearing about it anyway. I also no longer have a camera and so I have no pictures to post or write about.

But hey, its time I write something and so I'll just catch you up on what we have been up to the past few weeks.

Yesterday, Monday May 11th - Bill and I decided to go on our first hike of the season. We decided we would drive up East Canyon and find a hiking trail there. The first trail we came to we stopped and decided it would be the trail we would hike. It ended up being the Mormon Pioneer Trail. I took a few pictures with my phone camera, hoping they would turn out ok.

Sunday, May 10th Mother's Day - Mothers Day was disappointing for me in many ways. It's a long story and I won't get into the details. Family and teenager issues was the direct cause and I was just sad and disappointed in the direction things went. The best part of Mothers' Day was that Shellise spoke in church on Sunday and honored me. She did a terrific job! That part I am happy about. The other nice thing was getting together with my family at my mom's for dinner. We had a really nice dinner prepared by all of us. My brother in law provided all the bacon wrapped pork loin meat which he BBQ'd. Mom baked potatoes and cooked asparagus. My brother Jay provided a really nice salad like you would get at Olive Garden complete with the Olive Garden dressing. I made homemade potato dinner rolls. It was all very yummy!

Last week, we had Bill's son (my stepson) Kyle (21 yrs old in June) visiting us from Mesa, AZ. He flew in on Friday, May 1st and stayed until Friday, May 8th. This was the first time I got a chance to formally meet him. We have spoken a lot on the phone, email, and facebook, but prior to this week neither of us was able to visit the other for many reasons. We had such a great visit. Saturday night we went out to Rodizio's and had a wonderful Brazilian dinner.

On Sunday, we went to church and then took a drive up East and Emigration Canyon's. Everything is so green and beautiful this time of year. We enjoyed the drive. I also had my bowling league playoffs that night. Our team took first place the first half of season and so we played the team that took first place the second half of the season. Our team ended up losing by 23 pins. So very close. But it was fun and thats all that matters. The bowling season is now over until fall.

Kyle was asked by friends to take home Salt Water taffy from Salt Lake. So on Monday, we stopped by the Sweet's Candy Factory and went on a tour of the plant. We then spent some money at the Sweet's store and bought lots of taffy and other candies.

Afterwards, Kyle wanted to go to temple square and get some pictures. He enjoys photography and took some great photos, that he shared with me. The flower gardens are so beautiful this time of year. Here are a few photos at temple square.

The rest of the week with Kyle went really fast. We had some really good times and made some wonderful memories. Friday came too soon and Kyle was quickly gone and we miss him so much. Thanks to Kyle, I actually have pictures I can post!

As for what else we have been up to, we have cleaned up our back yard and prepared a garden spot, and planted our garden. I still need to get some tomatoes and peppers, but other than that we are just waiting for the seeds to begin sprouting.

We have also been enjoying watching Shellise play softball. She plays on an 18 and under team even though she is just 15. They didn't have enough girls to have enough 16 and under teams so they combined the two. This makes Shellise the youngest on the team, but you wouldn't know it. She looks as old as any of them and plays just as well, if not better than some of the older girls. She usually plays 3rd base and right field, and sometimes 1st base. They call her "crazy socks" because she always wears crazy socks. In these pictures she is wearing tall green socks with black leopard stripes. Here are a few pics.

Shellise has also been practicing her Viola a lot more than normal as she has been preparing for tryouts for the Summer Granite Youth Symphony. She actually had tryouts last Thursday and should know sometime this week if she gets accepted. If she does, then she will be preparing for a summer tour to California. She believes her tryouts went well and is really hoping she makes it as do we. I will let you know as soon as we know something.

I am sad that Jessie lives so far away in Cedar City that I don't get to see any of his ballgames. They don't play any games on weekends down there so it makes it next to impossible to get down there during the week. I sure miss that kid and wish I could see him more and be a part of his every day life. Its just not right for a mother to not have all of her children under one roof.

We also have a new grandbaby. Bill's daughter Stephanie gave birth to George Dominguez Jr. who was born premature on January 29th. He has struggled with many health problems and just went home a few weeks ago in April. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures. This makes 4 grandchildren, 3 Grandaughters and now a Grandson. I will post some pics of these cuties sometime soon.

Wow! This is getting way too long, so I better stop now. But this just proves to myself that I really need to keep this updated a little more often.