Saturday, November 19, 2011

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Things I Learned on An Anniversary Getaway!

Dear Hubby and I recently shared our 3rd Anniversary together. We celebrated this weekend in San Antonio.  Yesterday was spent on the famous River Walk including dinner reservations at Landry's Seafood. We had such a wonderful time and the food was great!  Here are some photos of our evening...

This is the stage where Sandra Bullock filmed Miss Congeniality

Getting ready for Christmas

My Dear Hubby (Love Him)

River Walk Cruises

The United States of Texas

San Antonio

A pretty little waterfall 

Beautiful scenery

Anguished Faces on a Building

San Antonio

On the river cruise 

Each of these bells represent each of the five original missions in San Antonio

Our Cruise Tour

Beautiful River Walk

We also made plans to visit the Alamo and the San Antonio Missions State Historic Park today, as well as some other possibilities depending on time.  What we didn't count on was a Marathon.

While we were downtown last night we kept seeing signs that said the Alamo would be closed today due to the Marathon.  Then as we were driving back to the hotel we saw signs on the freeway notifying us that the freeway would be closed for the marathon.  Being a little concerned by this, when we got back to the hotel last night I did some research about this so called marathon.  What I learned was it is the San Antonio Rock-N'-Roll Marathon and there would be events happening all day long.  In fact I looked up the map of the road closures and it pretty much confirmed that it would be impossible for us to go anywhere near downtown San Antonio today.  Here is what I saw....


So at this point we decided to find something else to do today, but everything that looked good took us back through the downtown area.  I have to admit I was discouraged, after all I wanted to visit San Antonio to see and do the things we had planned.  My DH, however, was not discouraged at all!  

After breakfast this morning we loaded up and headed back towards home.  DH wanted to drive through New Braunfel's, which is a quaint German town city with much to see and do and experience.  I loved the town immediately.  The park was awesome! We got some information about a recreational area where we could drive along the Guadalupe River for miles, and where we could even spend some time (in the summer months) canoeing.  The drive was spectacular!  The fall colors were amazing!  Here are a few photos...

Beautiful tree lined road 

Pretty Colors

Guadalupe River

I thought this was cool

My favorite of the day

Gorgeous Colors

Sail Boat Races at Canyon Lake

I was reminded today that "Life is what happens in between your plans".  I had all kinds of plans made for today, and pretty much most of those plans did not work out.  Instead we went with whichever way the wind blew (so to speak)... and I am glad we did or I would have missed out on this!  

A good lesson learned!  

I am so thankful for my Dear Hubby who never lets anything discourage him and for reminding me of all the good that came out of not following our plans.  I love you sweetheart!  Happy Anniversary!  

P.S.   I REALLY enjoyed the 80 to 89 degree temperatures we had this weekend.  It was perfect! 
(Yes I am trying to make all of you jealous who are experiencing the cold winter weather)