Monday, September 8, 2008

Shellise Ann McCray

Shellise is my 14-year old, beautiful, photogenic, dimpled smiled, smart, talented and tall (5'9")daughter. She just started 9th Grade at Hunter Jr. High. She loves school and excels at most everything she does.

What is she up to these days? Shellise's favorite things to do besides hanging out with her friends and texting on her cell phone is Reading and Watching TV. Shellise is very talented in many things. She has played the Piano since she was about 5 years old. Although she no longer takes piano lessons, she still plays often. She also plays the Viola and is in the Hunter Jr. High Orchestra and during the summer tried out and made it on the Granite Youth Summer Symphony. She will be going to tryouts next week so that she can be part of the Granite Youth Symphony throughout the year.

Another talent and favorite thing for Shellise is Softball. She has played Girls Fastpitch Softball since she was 4 years old (starting out as T-Ball). She has really enjoyed this sport and looks forward to every spring/summer to play again.

Shellise is also a dancer. She has danced since she was 5 years for Shellie's School of Dance until we moved to Cedar City and then she danced for Onstage Dance where she competed in Hip Hop Dance Competititions. Since moving back to Salt Lake, we have not signed her up for dance yet as we have yet to find a dance company where she can compete in Hip Hop style dance.

Shellise has always been able to make friends easily which I consider a huge talent and for one I admire. She not only makes friends easily but she is a good friend to all. She has so many friends all over the State that she keeps in contact with on a regular basis. She is very blessed to have such good people in her life that she can call true friends.

From the time Shellise was 5 years old she knew that she wanted to be a Lawyer when she grew up and attend Harvard Law School. This goal has never changed. She is looking forward to getting into classes over the next few years that will get her closer to reaching that goal. I believe she would make a very good attorney someday and if she continues to do well in school and is able to get some scholarships, she just may make it to Harvard.

Shellise is such a wonderful daughter. She gladly helps around the house when asked and rarely complains. She is witty, and funny, and brings so much joy into our home and in our lives. I am so blessed by this beautiful gift I was given by GOD. I am so grateful and happy that I am her Mother.


Lara said...

Shellise is definitely wonderful...we sure miss her in YW! :) It was fun to have her a bit this summer.

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute to Shellise. Tell Shellise I love her sooooo much! It's fun watching her grow up. Wait until she becomes a lawyer. Watch Out! -Alicia

Kate said...

What a great blog about Shellise? They grow up so fast. I know Angela really likes her and misses her.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures and what you wrote brought tears to my eyes. She was the cutest little baby, and boy those dimples and her BIG smile make my heart jump. I love here smile and she has a darling personality. Just LOVE, LOVE her. Love MOM and GRANDMA

Jenn said...

My, time flies! What a beautiful young woman Shellise has become!