Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky Lady and Her Ramblings of a Great Week!

Last Monday (March 9th) Bill and I celebrated 1 year of meeting each other. He had to take a couple days off work for other reasons which also allowed us to spend some much needed time together. We were going to go out of town for the day but the weather was yucky so we stayed close to home.

Bill took me out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Then he surprised me with a shopping spree at Fashion Bug.... and get this ladies.... he picked out several outfits for me that I absolutely love. He has really good taste. AND I KNOW THIS IS RARE FOR A MAN/HUSBAND. He spoils me! Lucky Lady!

Afterwards we had tickets to an IMAX Theater but had some time to kill before we needed to be there. So we decided to browse through Gardner Village. I hadn't been there in a few years so it was really nice! After the IMAX movie we went to The Mayan for dinner. He had never been there so that was a treat for him.

Tuesday ended up being a pretty nice day and so we decided to take a drive up North. We were going to head up through Logan and Logan canyon towards Bear Lake and possibly rent a snowmobile and/or play in the snow a bit. The roads were pretty good until we got halfway up the canyon and the roads started to become snow/ice packed. So we decided to turn around and head back to Logan. We stopped at a restuarant on Main Street called the Coppermill and enjoyed a nice lunch and then continued our drive back home. Even though we didn't get to do what we had set out to do, the drive was beautiful and enjoyable, the company was fantastic.

On Wednesday I woke up with a Migraine and an earache wich got increasingly worse throughout the day. Bill ended up doing an ear candle on me which helped to relieve some of the pressure. We decided it was possible that the drive up the canyon yesterday caused the pressure and my ears may have never popped or adjusted to it. I ended up not being able to work today and just plain felt crummy. Bill went to work that night.

I felt better on Thursday and worked most of the day. I love my job and the flexibility it provides me. It allows me to work around Bill's schedule which is crazy most of the time. It was also Bowling night for me! I bowled some pretty good games, well over my average and a good series so I was a happy camper! Due to a slow week at work, Bill did not work again today.

I worked until lunchtime on Friday and then we drove Shellise down to Scipio to meet her dad so she could spend the weekend in Cedar City. We got back early evening and again... Bill did not have to work. Now we get a little worried about the slow week. However, because the last 3-4 weeks was very heavy work weeks and over 3000 miles driven each week, we didn't feel too bad for him having to be home a few days. We might not feel so good when we see the paycheck!

The weather has been fantastic. Saturday was beautiful and after I worked we went for a walk along the Jordan River. That was really nice. It felt so good to have the sun beating down on us and seeing the vibrant blue skies and feeling that Spring is just around the corner.

Sunday was another Beautiful day. After church we went on another long walk enjoying the sun and warm temperatures and later that night we picked up Shellise.

Today we went up to Brighton Ski Resort for a morning of Snowboarding... again in the beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures. I worked for a while this evening and Bill is driving to Beaver and back tonight.

I really enjoyed the past week and all the time we got to spend together. I feel so lucky to have a wonderful husband and best friend. It's hard to get back in a normal routine after the week we had. I think I got spoiled this past week. Not only by my husband but by the warm Spring-Like temperatures. I am so ready for Spring and Summer! I know it's not likely that we won't have anymore snow or winter weather, but a Lady can hope can't she?

Happy St. Patricks Day to all of you. "May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be at your back". I hope you all are as lucky as I feel I have been.


Lara said...

Happy anniversary of meeting Billy! He sounds like a wonderful catch!

Kate said...

YOu are definitely very lucky and do deserve it. It is so great to be loved. It sounds like you are really enjoying the great weather and spending time together. Have a great week.

Valerie said...

Lucky you! Glad you had a lot of time to spend with each other.