Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More July Adventures..... And.....

Still playing catch up... Yes I am!

But first..... I just wanted to throw on the table the fact that in 4 more days we will be on our way to Texas.   I have been busily finishing up all my homework for school so that I can begin my two week break, and now I am busy spending the last few days packing and cleaning.

Now..... just a shout out reminding you of my blog giveaway.  October 8th is the big day so get your suggestions in if you haven't already. Read HERE for more details.  Oh... and I have exciting news about the book I am giving away.  I will be giving away an AUTOGRAPHED copy!  Plus I will have two more surprise gifts that will include something from Montana and something from Texas.  Should be FUN FUN FUN!!!  I have received some excellent ideas but would like some more so get your ideas in before the deadline.

Now onto the adventure part....

Mid July we planned a weekend getaway to Great Falls, MT.  I wanted to see what the Great Falls were all about.  So away we went.... It is about 3-1/2 hour drive from where we live.  First stop was the hotel.  And as soon as we walked in our little Abby dog made herself right at home.  This is her style of camping!  She is not really the outdoorsy type like Daisy is.  This is more her style as you can see by this picture.

Princess Abby making herself right at home

A storm blew in as soon as we arrived in town.  It was quite the rain storm too!  So we just hung out at the hotel the rest of that day.  The next morning we started out with a Geo-cache.  Here is DH (Dear Hubby) finding it!  

DH Geo-Cache Find 
The stash is in the plastic container

The plastic container was found inside of this!  
It was a pretty cool way to hide a Geo-Cache.  
The location was pretty great too.  
It was at a park overlooking the Missouri River

The next stop was what I was there for.  The next few pictures are of Giant Springs State Park.  This is the most beautiful place I have seen!  This next picture is of the Giant Spring.  It is a natural spring that was discovered by Lewis & Clark.  It's awesome!  What makes it even more special is that this natural spring flows into the shortest river in the world... the Roe River which is 201 feet long and runs directly into the Missouri River.   It seriously is a really gorgeous place and I recommend everyone go see it!   There are several pictures of Giant Springs State Park because the scenery is so beautiful and I just couldn't choose any to leave out.

Giant Springs

Giant Springs
Missouri River in background

The water is SO clear!

Giant Springs
Look how clear that water is!

Giant Springs State Park

More Scenery 

Another one...

There is also a fish hatchery at the Giant Springs State Park
This is a pond of fish....They are HUGE!

Pretty Bird 
Missouri River

This is one of five falls on the Missouri River
These falls are how Great Falls got it's name

This is another one of the falls on the Missouri
We are making our way to the Great Falls on the Missouri 

But first we stopped to find another Geo-Cache.
Here is the family!

This is the Great Falls and namesake of the city.  
I wish the pictures did it justice!

Another shot of Great Falls

On the way home we spotted these......  SPEED GOATS!!

And then we found this pretty lake at Gates of the Mountains...  We had no idea about this place and wished we had more time to check it out.  It is an area that DH and I wish we had time to explore.  It is another one of the Lewis & Clark expeditions.  Check out the links and make it part of your next vacation to Montana.  I wish I had time!

As we arrived back home the sunset was really awesome.  These pictures don't even do it justice but it will give you some idea of what the sky was like.  

Sunset over Belgrade, MT

The sky is on fire

So pretty!

Well that wraps up our Great Falls Adventure.  We had a wonderful weekend and really do recommend it to everyone.  I love road trips and all the amazing adventures that take place while on one!  

So... most likely the next time you see another update, I will be in Texas.  I still have several Montana adventures to catch up on.  I am hoping to do that once I get settled somewhat.  

Don't forget about the Blog Giveaway!  See you soon my friends!


Garden of Egan said...

I'm pretty excited for your new adventures. Hopefully you were able to take enough pictures of Montana to last you your lifetime.

You'll find great places in Texas as well.

claire said...

Beautiful pictures, the springs and falls were absolutely beautiful. What's with the speed goats, I think they are called antelope here in Utah. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures, you are really doing a great job with your camera.