Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rewind back to last summer 2013.... Part 1

Since I have a lot of catch up to do on this blog of mine I will start by going back to last summer because it was the best summer I have had in a very long time.

In June of last year (2013) my son Jessie came out to spend the whole month with me.  I was so very excited. Also in June my parents brought two of my nieces with them and spent over two weeks out here visiting. Splitting their time between me and my sister Valerie who lives about 30 miles from me, Jessie and my nieces got to see and do so many fun activities with all of us.

Since there are so many things to tell you about I will have to break this up into different parts so as not to make one huge long post that will take forever to read.  So this post is Part 1 of Summer 2013.

The first family activity took place on June 8th one of the first days after everyone arrived.  We took the family to Mineral Wells State Park for some kayaking and fishing.  Considering it was June, the temperature was very nice and tolerable.  The kids had a blast!  Dad and Mom seemed to really enjoy it as well.  I enjoyed having everyone around and watching them have so much fun!

Later that week they went over to my sister's home to spend some time with them.  She took them to Build-A-Bear where they were able to build their own bear. 

I think it is cute that 17 year old Jessie chose a bear too.  Over the last year he has taken an interest in being a cowboy and doing some bull-riding so he chose a cowboy bear.  Don't you just love his styling outfit?  I sure do!  LOL
Jessie & his Cowboy Bear
Melanee and her Texas Bear

Parker & his Batman Bear 
Mikayla & her soccer player bear (dog?)

Aunt Valerie also took them to the Aquarium and Swimming at the neighborhood pool.  Fun times were had by all.     

At the Aquarium in Dallas.  I just love this photo!

Swimming Fun with Cousins

Thank You Aunt Valerie for making sure they had a fun time while I had to work.

This is the end of Part 1...... look for Part 2 coming up soon.  

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