Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and Other Random Things

Thanksgiving for me was a little different this year. I am used to LOTS of family around, Immediate and Extended Family - Usually up to 50+ people. This year, however, was just Bill and I and my Mom and Dad. Only 4 of us. Everyone had in-laws to go to and my kids were with their Dad's family. It was very nice, AND very quiet. It was Different. I enjoyed the time we got to spend with Mom and Dad, but I think I like the noise of all the family around. I can't believe I said that because I have complained about the noisy chaos in the past. Mom did an awesome job of preparing the food and the pies. I thought my homemade dinner rolls turned out awesome. The rolls and the pies are the best part of the meal!

Later that evening, we took dinner up to our friends, the Bettridge's, at Primary Children's Hospital. We were glad to see that Erik is doing a little better. We hope he can make a full recovery from his injury. See my earlier post for more information.

Erik in Therapy petting the rehab dog.

After we got home we finished off the evening by watching our favorite classic Christmas movie "A Christmas Story". Bill had never seen it so I definately had to break him into the tradition. You either love it or you hate it. I am glad to say that Bill loved it as much as we do.

I didn't do any of the madness early morning Black Friday shopping like I usually do. There wasn't anything that great on sale that I needed. So we slept in and went shopping a little later. I was able to get the things I wanted and I didn't fight any crowds. However, I do have to admit that I did miss the years past when me, my mom and sisters would be standing in lines at 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning to get the must have sale items. Those were good times.

On Saturday, we celebrated Bill's birthday (which is today, Sunday) I took Bill to his first ever Desert Star Theater performance of "Miracle on 42nd Street: Give My Regards to Blitzen" We had front row seats and had a wonderful time. If you have never been, I would recommend to anyone. They have 5 or 6 shows every year. By clicking on the link above you can see the line up for next year's shows. Afterwards, we had family and friends over for cake and ice cream. We also watched "The Grinch" with Jim Carey. We really enjoyed the company and thank those of you who came to help celebrate Bill's special day.

While the kids went to the hockey game with their dad that evening, Bill and I started getting the house all decorated for Christmas. We will be putting up 2 trees this year. The artificial will go downstairs and the live tree will go upstairs. My brother and brother-in-law, every Thanksgiving weekend, gets tree tags and cuts their own trees and usually gets me one if I want. We got the artificial tree all decorated today, while we watched "Elf". The live tree will be decorated in a couple days.

At the close of our weekend, we dreadfully sent Jessie back home to Cedar City and Bill went off to work. Shellise finished off her weekend tonight by watching "Pirates of the Caribbean". And I sit nestled in front of this computer updating my blog, in hopes that I will get to hear from all of you who may be reading this :)

While it was a different kind of Thanksgiving for me... It was very nice. I got to spend it with my favorite people, had a terrific Birthday Celebration for my sweetheart, and was able to get the "Christmas Spirit" started in our home. What more can I ask for?


Tiffany said...

Sounds like you were just as busy as we were. I'm glad you were able to go visit your friend at PCMC. I hope he is doing better. Hope you have enough ornaments to decorate two trees!!

Lara said...

Sometimes I really enjoy the more intimate Thanksgivings...that's how I grew up since it was always just us. Joel's family is crazy huge and sometimes I don't know what to do! :) Glad you had a nice holiday.

Also very happy to see that Erik is doing better.

Valerie said...

I can't believe that Bill has never seen "A Christmas Story." Where has he been? It's a classic.

I'm glad you had a great, although quiet, Thanksgiving.

Julie Young said...

I'm glad you found my blog! You seem to be very happy and doing well. It is good that Erik is doing better.

Kate said...

It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. It sounds very relaxing. We are actually putting up two trees this year too, if I ever get to it with school. I am glad to hear about you and glad that Erik is doing somewhat better. Hope you enjoy this great season. Miss ya.

Andrea said...

That is so sad about Erik. Email details if you get a chance.