Thursday, July 23, 2009

And the Official Word is..........?


After being in limbo for days, we finally got the official word that FedEx will be sending us to Bozeman, MT. We are happy about this as Bozeman was one of our top two choices to go.

Now the fun begins of packing up our house and moving. We have to be there to start the new job on August 23rd. So we have a very limited time to get everything we need to get taken care of done.

The first thing on the list is to find some place to live and call home. So we are heading to Bozeman on Saturday and will stay until Tuesday. We hope we will be able to find a home and get all the paperwork done in that short amount of time. We are going to rent for a while until we become more familiar with the area and know for sure where we want to live.

Things will be a little crazy around our house for a while but we sure hope the move and all it entails will go smoothly. Wish us luck!

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