Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting down to the wire!

We got Shellise all packed up and moved down to Cedar City. The house is not the same without my babies. Luckily, I have been so busy packing the house and organizing our move that I have not had time to dwell on it. Oh, but I do miss them both so much.

On July 25th Bill and I drove to Bozeman and spent 3 days looking at houses and getting familiar with the area. Wow! It is such a pretty place and close to Yellowstone too! I think we will really like living there. The people are very warm and friendly. The summer temperature is really nice. The scenary and landscape is very pretty. It is larger than I thought and more spread out, but still much smaller than Salt Lake City.

After looking at home after home after home, it came down to 3 homes we really liked for different reasons. One was an old Farm home on 2 acres in a secluded part of town. Another was a brand new, gorgeous home, with all the updated amenities in a very nice part of town near an LDS Church Building. And the other one was a newer home, really close to Bill's work, smaller than we are used to, small yard, and the price was more economical than the other two.

It was such a hard, stressful decision. We decided to go with the more economical house. The house payment will be easy to make and will give us the extra money we need to pay off bills and make some necessary purchases that we are needing to make. However, it was a very very hard and emotional decision to make. I really loved the other two homes the most and we were leaning towards the new house. We just couldn't do it, however. While we could have made the payment without too much problem, it would have made it more difficult to have the necessary money to make those purchases and pay off bills.

Now that we know what kind of house we will be moving into, it makes it easier to know what we take with us and what we get rid of. So for the past week I have done nothing but sorting out the things we will not take, getting them advertised on KSL Classifieds and organizing a moving sale for tomorrow. Besides doing that, I have spent countless hours packing up everything else into boxes.

We are getting down to the wire. We will be moving in less than two weeks. We pack up the moving truck on August 19th and leave on the 20th. Yes, It is really happening! The time is just flying by.

I am already so tired of packing and really do hate moving, and looking forward to the move just being done with. And while I am mostly excited to move and start a fresh new life in Bozeman with my sweetheart, I have such mixed feelings about leaving. It will be very difficult to be so far away from my kids, as well as my family, and my nieces and nephew. I also had to say goodbye to my Grandma a couple days ago, not knowing if I will see her again. She is getting up there in age and you never know what might happen. That makes me feel so sad but something I have to face and be prepared for. The feelings I have regarding this move are definately bittersweet.


Valerie said...

I can't believe it is already so close to your moving date! I can definitely relate to the pains of packing up boxes. You should check out (then find your city) for selling things, if you have anything left. It's great!

Tiffany said...

Good luck with the whole moving thing. I hope you will find everything that you've been looking for in Montana. If you have any questions about where you'll be living, call my Grandpa Wilkinson. Montana is where he'd LOVE to live but Grandma won't let him... It's too far away from family.

Annette Lyon said...

Thanks so much for the sweet note on my blog--how fun to discover someone who is a friend of Lara's AND has read some of my work to boot!