Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Road Trip, Olympics, Movies, TV, and Other Stuff

Road Trip

The weather finally cooperated with us and we were able to go on a short road trip through the Bridger Mountains and into the valley on the other side.  It was nice to get out of "dodge" for a few hours. It was nice to see some different scenery.  It was really nice that, even though there is still A LOT of snow on the ground, there was no snow on the roads.  We had a great time and we saw some really cool things, and I was even able to take a few pictures.  Here are a couple of my favorite ones. I will be posting the rest on my Photography Blog, make sure you check it out. 

Aren't they beautiful?

Yes, those are Bald Eagles!  Majestic!

An old building (school house?) being restored.

It really was an awesome feeling just being able to get out of the house, away from this town for a few hours and see some other sites.   I really can't wait for Spring!


Like you, I have been keeping my eye on the Olympics.  I really enjoy the Winter Olympics a great deal.  I lived in Salt Lake City during the 2002 Olympics and it was awesome.  The Olympics bring so much energy to the City, State, or Country they are held in. 

My favorite, by far, is the short track speed skating, in particular, Apolo Ohno.  I loved watching him skate in Salt Lake, in Torino, and absolutely now in Vancouver.  He is just amazing! 

But I have also been keeping an eye on some other olympians.  Particularly, Olympians from Montana and from my home state of Utah. 

Heather McPhie who grew up right here in Bozeman, MT, now lives in Park City, Utah, is on the US Ski Team.  She placed 18th in the Moguls after she fell on the Moguls final run.  That was such a bummer to watch because she was a medal contender and was running in 3rd place when she fell.  Maybe next time Heather!

Bryon Wilson from Butte, Montana is the Bronze Medalist in mens moguls at the Vancouver Olympics.  Woot!  He is also an artist in Wood Carvings.  You can visit his website here.   What a talented young man. 

Noelle Pikus-Pace from Orem, Utah.  She has become one of the best skeleton sliders in the world since beginning the sport in 2001. She placed 4th in the Skeleton at the Olympics this year.  Not too bad!

Steven Holcomb from Park City, Utah.  Placed 6th in the two man Bobsled.  I believe he also races in the four man bobsled which is coming up sometime this week.  I'll be watching. An interesting fact about Steven is that he has served over 7 years in the Utah National Guard.

Zach Lund from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Placed 5th in Skeleton. Not bad!   He is attending college and is majoring in Aviation.  He hopes to fly forest fire sludge bombers when he retires from sliding. 

Valerie Flemming from Park City, Utah & Shauna Rohbock from Orem, Utah are teamates in Bobsled.  They won the silver medal in Torino and are waiting to compete in Vancouver sometime this week.  I can't wait!  Hoping for GOLD!!!!

Of course, I am cheering on all the US OLYMPIC ATHLETES.  GO USA!!!

So now that you know that I have been watching the Olympics and who I have been following, that brings us to.....

Other Stuff

Today is the first day in several weeks where there is a cloudless sky, the sun is shining, the sky is blue-blue, and it is just gorgeous.  I wouldn't say that its warm because I don't consider 36 degrees warm by any means.  But it seems warmer.  In fact we are starting to see some of our lawn that has been covered by several inches/feet of snow since early November.  Is this a sign that spring may be just around the corner? 

I am still in search of a job.  In fact I just spent the last 5 hours applying for several jobs that have become available.  REI is building a new store in town and I applied for 3 positions there.  I also applied for a position with Delta Airlines. *I would love to get this job.  It's close to home and I would have flying benefits.  And I also applied for a couple office type jobs, as well as one for driver/pick up.  Yes, I am applying for EVERYTHING.  This is how my days seem to go these days.  Something has got to come up soon right?  Well thats what I keep telling myself.   It's so depressing!  I've never had trouble securing employment before.  The unemployment market is really crazy!

Other than watching the Olympics this is what provides my entertainment during these cold days of winter.

On TV -
  • American Idol - Love It!  The competition is really tough this year. Will be hard to vote on my favorite when I like the majority of them.  Voting begins tonight!  Yeehaw!
  • Human Target - We are really enjoying this new series this season.  Its full of action and comedy. 
  • Past Life - Another new series that we started watching.  And so far its pretty good. 
  • Ghost Whisperer - Still our FAVORITE.  Love Jennifer Love Hewitt and Cameron Manheim. 
  • Medium - Just started watching it this season.  We like it so much that we are DVR'ing all the past episodes. 
  • Man vs. Wild - We really enjoy watching this program and learning survival techniques. I could do without learning how to eat some of the stuff Bear Grylls eats.  OMG it can be so disgusting!
Recent Movies -
  • Edge of Darkness -  As homicide detective Thomas Craven (Mel Gibson) investigates the death of his activist daughter, he uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent tasked with cleaning up the evidence. -  I love dramatatic thriller type movies and I really liked this movie. It was intense and I felt Mel Gibson did a great job with his character.  However, it is Rated R for bloody violence. 
  • The Final Destination  (2009) -  After a teen's premonition of a deadly race-car crash helps saves the lives of his peers, Death sets out to collect those who evaded their end. - I love all the Final Destination movies and this one is no different.  Always a very intense, on the edge of your seat Thriller. 
What I'm Reading -
  • I am currently reading the first book in the Left Behind series.  A novel of the Earth's Last Days.  Written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.  I have seen and enjoyed all the movies and now I am really enjoying the novel.  If you haven't seen the movies or read the books, you should.  It is a fictional story that discusses the last days.  How millions of people who are believers just vanished of the face of the Earth, and what those left behind had to learn and do and deal with.  I really like to think that those of us who are believers of Christ will "vanish in the tw inkling of an eye" or through the rapture or by transfiguration, or whatever you want to call it and be able to live with God once more.  To be saved from the fire and brimstone that is going to come to the wicked here on Earth. 
I think that just about sums up my life right now.  I am really looking forward to many more road trips in the upcoming future.  There are so many places I want to visit around here and I can't wait to share all my adventures with you all. 


The Garden of Egan said...

It sounds like you have been busy. The pictures are beautiful. Montana is some seriously beautiful country.

Stephanie Faris said...

You're BUSY! I've been watching American Idol. I'm a first-timer. I have no idea how the show works...well, vague ideas, because even if you don't watch it you can't help but catch a little of it on the news and such. But I can now see why the nation is obsessed with it. It's very addictive.

The Harding Hive said...

Those pictures are awesome. I can't wait to look at your photography blog.

And I agree with you on American Idol. The competition is TOUGH this year.

Amanda said...

Your photography is wonderful!! Those bald eagles are AMAZING!!


midRae said...

Busy, busy girl. And I do mean girl. I have read the whole Left Behind series and you are so going to love it. It's great that you got out of dodge. I am so feeling that way right now. I want to go camping so bad. Good luck with the job search, I'm with you, something has got to give, and soon.

claire said...

You've certainly being working hard to find a job. Yes you will get one soon, don't get too discouraged. Praying for you to find one soon. Awesome pictures.