Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Picture This!

I have been a little uninspired as of late as to what to write about.  So I stole borrowed this meme from my bloggy friend, Karen, who writes at A Peek at Karen's World.  I really think this kind of meme is a great idea because you actually get to do something besides answer a bunch of questions.  Plus when I found out what I get to write about, I was all for it! 

Here are the instructions.

1. Go to My Pictures.
2. Open the first folder
3. Post the 10th photo and tell the story about it.
4. Tag 4 People.

So without further ado.... Here is my photo that inspires this post...

This photo was taken on June 20, 2003.  It is a picture of my kids, Shellise & Jessie, taken at the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, Utah.   Oh my Gosh, Shellise would have been 9 yrs old and Jessie would have been 7 yrs.  They look so small!

This was a good day.  At the time of this picture, their dad (my then husband) was in Italy and Poland with his Air National Guard Unit in preparation for his upcoming deployment to Iraq. 

I remember wanting to spend some much needed one on one time with my kids and also provide a distraction to them.  This was perfect.  The Dinosaur Park & Museum is a pretty neat place for kids to hang out and learn about the dinosaurs.  At that time, both of the kids were really interested in dinosaurs and this was a place they had wanted to go to for awhile. 

The park features more than a hundred different types of dinosaurs which are realistic full-size sculptures that are brought to life by robotics and an awesome sound system.  Seriously, it is awesome! 

The park also has a museum that features more exhibits, as well as a place where the kids can dig for fossils and a modern working laboratory where you can watch the paleontologists do their work. 

We brought sack lunches from home and sat in the park afterwards to eat.   What a fun and educational day!  These pictures brought back so many wonderful memories for me that I cherish.

If you are ever near Ogden, Utah, make sure you make this one of your stops. 

And now I am tagging these 4 bloggers.....

1.  Valerie @ The Nankervis Family
3.  Mindy @ Ladybug Family


ladybugfamily said...

Oh My Goodness! My Boys would LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. My oldest boy tells everyone that he is going to be a paleontologist when he grows up.
(I can't believe I spelled that right my first time!!)

I did the meme for you! You'll be sorry! I couldn't stop with the pictures LOL. Thanks for including me!

Valerie said...

You know I have never been sad that we lived so close. Thanks Mom and Dad. :) I will have to take Parker there the next time we visit...he is soooo into dinosaurs right now. (I'll be doing my meme shortly.)

Garden of Egan said...

Thank you Sherrie. This should be fun.
I loved reading about your photo. It is amazing at how fast time flies.
Love your new blog face too, I love Easter.

Lara said...

Awww...loved this post! They are so cute...they grow way too fast.

ladybugfamily said...

Thanks for stopping by Sherrie! My Mom's studio is in the Bitterroot Valley just north of Stevensville, MT on the other half of the farm that we had to leave. They share 10 acres with my grandparents and have 4 miniature horses, 2 alpacas, numerous dogs, chickens and one duck :)

claire said...

What cute pictures, seems like so long ago. Thanks for sharing and helping to remember them when they were younger. What a great job you did in recording that info. Love ya.

Yaya' s Changing World said...

We have a similar park in South Dakota, but it has been a long time since we last went there. I'd love to go to the one in Utah. It looks wonderful. Your pictures are amazing.

~ Yaya
Yaya's Changing World