Sunday, September 19, 2010

Segment #1

I am looking over all the gazillion photos I have taken over the last few weeks so that I can post them on here and I don't even know where to begin.  I am so behind in updating and there is so much to share that it would take a freakin long post to do it.  So I will just have to break things down into a few smaller segments. 

You may be wondering what I have been up to over the past 3 to 4 weeks?  Alot!  If you read my last significant post in August (you can read it here) you will know that my in-laws came for a visit and my stepson, Kyle, and his wife, Domonique, moved up here and are now living with us. 

Kyle has not seen his grandparents for 12 years, so having them here at the same time was a very special occasion.  It was also a very special occasion for me because I had not formally met Bill's parents yet.  Strange, I know.  But when we got married they had both undergone significant surgeries and were in the recovery stage, and we didn't have the vacation time or the money to go and visit them especially because we had to move here from Utah a year ago.

Having Mom and Dad Carpenter with us was so enjoyable.  There were many laughs and good times, and wonderful memories made.  We did many fun activities and just really enjoyed each others company.  One of the activities that I will write about in another post is the 3 days we spent in Yellowstone National Park.  

I had to work and go to school every day but when I came home I would often find my MIL cleaning the house, doing the dishes or many other things to help make my life easier.  FIL helped Bill fix up our spare car so that Kyle would have a car to drive.  I can't even begin to to put into words how grateful I am to them for all the many things they did for us while they were here.  I am so blessed to have such awesome in-laws that I can call Mom and Dad.  I really miss having them here and wish we lived closer. 

Here are a few pictures.  Look for Segment #2 coming shortly. 

Mom & Dad Carpenter

The Carpenter Family
Bill, Kyle, Mom & Dad

Three Generations

Like Father, Like Son or....
Dork 1 & Dork 2

Like Father, Like Son

Dad & Billy

My Techy Family

Our cute kids!
Kyle & Domonique

Billy & I

Thats all for segment I will share some fun information and more photos.


claire said...

That is a great post, great pictures. Looking forward to the next post. What wonderful memories with pictures that can tell wonderful times together. Aren't families the best.

Alicia said...

It's great to finally put faces with names. I'm glad you had an awesome time with Bills parents. They sound wonderful.

Look forward to the rest.

Garden of Egan said...

Cute family portrait of the computers.
Looks like holidays around our house.