Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Good and the Bad!


  • I made it on the Dean's List for achieving a recurring high GPA.  This makes me very happy because I have worked very hard.  Next goal is to make it on the Chancellor's List. 
  • I only have one class this session. Really glad about this after having two very difficult classes last session.  This class is Professional Communications and it sounds like it will be good and fun. 
  • Work is good for the most part.  It's nice to be able to just drive around town delivering parts all day and not get stuck in an office.  It is the perfect job to have while I am attending school full time.  It's also nice that it's located about 3 miles from my home.
  • The Holiday's were nice, peaceful and quiet around here.  It always comes and goes way too fast for my liking.  We enjoyed spending quality time together and that is what made it so nice. 
  • I discovered Skype!  And I love it!  I was able to Skype with both sides of the family over the Holiday's.  I was so happy to even get to see my Grandmother via Skype whom I haven't seen since I moved here over a year and half ago.  This made being separated from family a little easier. 


  • I didn't get to spend Christmas with my kids after all.  Big disappointment!  It is a long and unpleasant story that has to do with ex-husband fighting me on my visitation rights and teenage kids that are stinkers.  Enough said!
  • Kyle informed us a couple days ago that he is moving out of our home on the 8th and on to Minnesota where his previous girlfriend lives.  Another Big Disappointment! Another long and sensitive story that I won't share here. 
  • We missed out on seeing our Utah family over the Holidays.  Since I didn't get to have my kids for Christmas there was no reason to make the trip to Utah to pick them up.
  • I was sick for over 3 weeks with a terrible cough and nasal congestion.  Thank goodness I am finally getting over it but now it has struck my DH.  Ugh! 
I was hoping the New Year would bring less unpleasant life changing events and more peace and contentment.  However, since it's only the 4th and I already know about two major events that affects me personally leads me to believe that wish is just not going to happen. 

With that said, all I can do is take the advice of Church Leaders and  find the good and happy in each day.  So that is my goal for this year.  I will live day to day and seek out the happiness and goodness in those days. And I will hope that tomorrow will be a better one.


claire said...

Sorry for all of the disappointing events in your life. I'm sure it is really disappointing for Bill to have Kyle leave there. Hope things work out for ALL of you. Love you and do the best that you can do in looking for the positive and bright side of things. Love Ya

Garden of Egan said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get to be with your kids. Teenagers can be so overwhelming.
It sounds like you needed some down time after your job, semester and the sick.

Congratulations on the Dean's List!!!! That is an awesome accomplishment. You go girl!

OK, my verification word:


Maybe that describes your holidays.

Alicia said...

Congrats on your accomplishment in school. I'm glad you enjoy it. I'm sorry the holidays weren't the greatest for you. We missed having all the family around this year. It wasn't quite the same. Hope the sickness moves out fast. Don't send it our way though. Ha, Ha!

Valerie said...

So happy you are doing so well in school. And wishing you a better new year!! It can't get much worse, can it?

Tiffany said...

Wow, you've had quite the events lately haven't you? That's so exciting about school... What an accomplishment. Hope this year is better for you. Love and miss you!

Hannah said...

I definitely agree... skype is wonderful :)

LC said...

Glad school went so well for you! That hard work paid off. I know you've been putting in a lot of effort.

mindy said...

i'm sorry that your year has had a rough start. that is such a disheartening feeling.

but your outlook is awesome! every day is fresh and needs to be lived that way. so i way whoo hooo for you!

and congrats on getting on the deans list! you are taking online courses right? i think it's even harder to get good grades when going to school online simply because it's so easy to ignore. you have to be doubly dedicated to do as well as you are!!! so big hugs to you xoxoxox