Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Frogs, Frogs, Frogs!!!

We went to see the new Frog exhibit a The Museum of the Rockies last week.  There were frogs from all over the world and it was awesome!  I forgot to take my real camera with me so I had to rely on my phone, but here are a few pictures. 

There was an African Bull Frog as large as an 18" plate.  Unfortunately it was not in a good position where I could get a picture of it.  My favorite were the Dart Poison Frogs.  These frogs have enough poison to kill up to 10 men. 

So many frogs blend in with their environments. 
There was a frog that looked just like a dried brown leaf. 
Unfortunately it was also one I could not get a good photo of.

These are some of the Dart Poison Frogs. 
I wish this photo would have turned out better.

If you ever get an opportunity to come to Bozeman, please make the museum one of your stops. This exhibit will be here until September.  Or maybe the exhibit will come to a museum near you in the future. 


What about you?


Garden of Egan said...


I think I would have shuddered the entire time. I just don't do reptiles.

Now in Idaho Falls right now there is a Bodies show at the museum. I totally want to do that one.

Hope you are doing well, surviving winter and keeping up with all you have on your plate!

Alicia said...

Not into reptiles, but I'm okay viewing them behind glass, etc. Sounds like a cool exhibit. Miss ya!

claire said...

Nice pictures. I think I'm like everyone else, the pictures are close enough for me. I surely wouldn't want to meet up with a poisonous dart frog. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Valerie said...

I have always loved frogs too! I remember catching them at Grandma's house. I love the pictures.

annie valentine said...

I can't believe you took those with your phone. Also, Rex thinks you are really really cool. I just showed him the pics.

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