Monday, March 21, 2011

Maybe... Just.... Maybe

I just completed my final papers for school and now I have a two week break. So maybe just maybe I will get some time to update this blog of mine.  I feel so behind! 

I am looking forward to my two week break from school so I can actually clean and organize my house.  Outside of work and school there is no time left for much else.  So this break will be used as a nice catch up. 

I am also very excited because I am taking a 4 day weekend at the first of April to drive to Cedar City, Utah so I can spend some time with my kids.  I can't wait! 

Little by little and gradually day by day I am beginning to see signs of Spring so maybe just maybe Spring is around the corner?  I hope so!  However, the snow that we are expecting to get tonight and tomorrow may delay it a while longer.  I am so done with winter!

I'll be back shortly with a real blog post... stay tuned! I've missed you all!


claire said...

Glad that you've got some time to regroup, and get some much needed rest. Enjoy that break!!!

Julie said...

Enjoy your time. How wonderful! Hope your break is very renewing for you before you hop back in.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm with ya Sherrie!
I need me some Spring too!!!

Enjoy your time off!

Valerie said...

That will be a much needed break. I'm glad you will get to see your kiddos! Can't wait for you guys to come down here. :)

LC said...

Glad you'll have some mom time. That's great!

Karen Peterson said...

Enjoy your break!

I wish I could feel more optimistic about the arrival of spring, but it's been so cold here in Southern California that I'm starting to feel like it's never going to be warm again.