Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Texas Part 2 - Geo-Caches and a Temple

The next part of our Texas trip consisted of taking Parker and Valerie on their very first Geo-Caching adventure.  We explained to Parker that he needed to gather some items that he could trade for other items in the Geo-Cache's we find.  So Parker put together a backpack full of all kinds of things to trade.  He loved the idea of a treasure hunt and that he had to use stealth so non-muggles (people who don't Geo-cache) don't see us finding the location of the Geo-Caches.

This first stop was a Geo-Cache which was located in a park near Valerie's home.  We got out our GPS' and  the coordinates and began the search.  When we got to the general location where we were within a few yards of the cache, we explained to Parker that we were looking for an Ammo Can that could be hidden under bushes, rocks trees etc.   I may have had the GPS pointing the way, but Parker had the eyes.  He found that cache like he had been doing it forever.  He was so excited.

Here is a picture of Parker as he found his very first Geo-Cache.  So Happy!  

Valerie and Parker Enjoying Geo-Caching

On the way back to the car I saw this red cardinal.  I had never seen a cardinal in real life and I was very excited to get such a great close up. I have always loved this bird, even though I have never lived in places where they live.  

Seeing this bird brought back a memory from when I was in elementary school I had to do a report on a bird of my choice.  I chose the cardinal.  I don't remember much about the cardinal except that I had to do a bunch of research.  Back then there were no computers and it required actually going to the library and looking at books and also the encyclopedia.  I was also required to draw a picture of one. I remember the time I spent getting it just perfect.  I also remember that I received an A on this report and I was so happy.  Good memory!  

Beautiful Cardinal

Now back to the Geo-Caching!  

The second Geo-cache was located in a different park near a river bed.  And again Parker was the first one to spot it.  It happened to be located inside a hollowed out fallen tree.  In this picture you can see part of the  tree beside Parker.  Parker is an excellent locator.  He has great vision to spot  things others can't find.  

Parker's 2nd Geo-Cache

After this one we drove to Denton (about 30 minutes North) where we planned to locate two more Geo-Caches. This ended up being an interesting one because it ended up being on an LDS Church property.  It was in a beautiful wooded type location but boy it was a hard one mostly because we had to traipse through thickets, burs and thorny bushes.  Again, Parker found this one too, but he was not happy about all the thorns that was scratching us all up.  He didn't understand why someone would make it so hard to get to.  LOL.  I realize now that I didn't take one picture, and the only reason I can think of is because it was such thick bushes and trees we were in that once we found it we just wanted to get out of there.  Good memory though! And now I know where the LDS Church is in Denton, TX just in case I need to know that information in the future.  Ha!  

The next one is at a historical site in downtown Denton.  

This one was at the Firefighters Memorial and Museum.  In order to get the coordinates for this one you had to add the common names that was printed in the cement around the memorial and then add or subtract another number to it.   

Unfortunately, we spent about an hour searching and searching and never did locate this cache.  We found out later that others had not found it either.  They have been doing some construction on the property so we are thinking that this cache had been removed.  Parker did not want to give up, and was mad when we decided to give up.  

Firefighter Memorial

This next picture is one of my favorites.  It looks like Parker and Grandpa are in a deep discussion.  Cute!

Dad and Parker taking a break

Love this!

Big Smile Parker!

Later that day we took a drive over to Dallas to see the Dallas LDS Temple and to visit the LDS Bookstore.   For those that don't know what LDS means, it is an abbreviation for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  

The next several pictures are ones taken on the temple grounds.  

Dallas LDS Temple

My beautiful sister Valerie


My beautiful and funny mommy.  
She might not be happy that I posted these pictures but I just had to.  
Sorry Mom!  
But you are a knockout!  
*Am accepting bribes for removal of picture LOL

Us again!

Dear Hubby - Cool Picture

I love to see the Temple
I'm going here some day.  

We had a really wonderful day!  Really great memories were made.  And I have created geo-cache monsters in Valerie and Parker.  Parker called me the other day to tell me that they have found a total of 21 cache's since we have been there.  Billy and I began two years ago and have only done 19.  So within a two week time period they have surpassed me.  Yup... they are Monsters!    

If you haven't done any Geo-caching, don't know what it is, or want more information go here


claire said...

Great post and wonderful memories were made. Thanks for all of the pictures, even my bad ones, it just happens that pictures like that make memories too. Valerie and Parker are really enjoying that hobby, thanks for teaching all of us.

Valerie said...

I love the pictures you took of Dad and Parker. They are treasures! Thanks for the memories.

Garden of Egan said...

That looks like so much fun! I have heard of your geo-caching tales and have been intrigued.

Love your pictures.

Kate said...

I love your blog like always. Great pictures. I miss you and hope you are doing great.

Erin said...

We love to geocache! Although it has been a very long time since we have done it (well, last summer, I guess). And the pictures are great too :)