Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Texas Part 3 - PARTY!!!!

Prior to this trip, it has been SIX YEARS since Dear Hubby had been home and seen any of his family, and it was the first time for me to meet (in person) my new extended family.   It is for this reason my sweet and amazing mother-in-law planned a family party event.

DH's brother, Brad, has a very nice large yard, complete with a pool and large covered patio, so the planning began and the extended family was invited and the food was ordered from a local caterer.  MIL even invited my sister's family and my parents who were in town visiting also.

The day arrived, the food arrived (and boy was it good!), the family came, and the party began.  There was eating and visiting and swimming and eating some more.  It was a great time!  My MIL went to a lot of trouble to create such a special party where fabulous memories were made.  Thanks Mom!

Here are a few many photos that details the days events.

Aunt Karen, Cousin Valerie & Jeff

Enjoying the Yummy Food

Aunt Patsy, Uncle John, Aunt Sandy 

My Mom and Mother-In-Law with Valerie (My Sis) in the middle

The Two Boys
Billy & Bradley

Nephew Austin

Family Togetherness!!

Techie Brothers


Beautiful Ladies
Valerie (my sis), and Brenda in background

Cousin Valerie

Poolside Fun

Parker & Grandma in deep conversation 
Love this Picture!

More Poolside Fun

The coolest boy ever!!

The party was great fun.  I loved meeting everyone and can't wait to see them again sometime soon.  

To my mother-in-law D'Ann, Billy & I can't tell you enough how thankful we are for all you did to get this party arranged and for the great food and fun that was provided.  It really meant a lot to Billy and we both  loved spending time with everyone.  This day was one of the most memorable days on our trip.  Thank You!!  We Love you!


claire said...

That party was fabulous, and I also thank your sweet mother-in-law for inviting us. The food was so yummy, my favorite stuff, especially the BBQ ribs. It was fun meeting Bill's family.

Valerie said...

I concur with Mom, the food was awesome! And it was really nice meeting more of Bill's family.