Sunday, July 31, 2011

God Loves Me!

Everyday I see evidence of God's love for me in my life.  I am a blessed woman!

The most recent blessing is regarding our move.  It is a blessing that we already had plans to move to Texas, because we found out two days ago that Dear Hubby's job is being eliminated here in Bozeman.  This just confirms to me again that our moving to Texas is what we are supposed to be doing.

God must really want us there soon, because now we are needing to make the move much more quickly than originally planned.

We have recently been told that we need to gather and strengthen our families for what lies ahead.  I really believe that is why it is so urgent for us to be near family.

We are packing packing packing so that we will be ready when his job on the other end gives us a date they need him to start.  We expect we will be moving sometime in September.  That means there is only a few more weeks to enjoy our Beautiful Montana!

So... Yes, I believe it was a blessing to have already prepared to make the move.  And that is why I know that God Loves Me!

I am a Mormon! To learn more about my belief's go here.


Garden of Egan said...

I'm a little sad about it, cuz we won't be neighbors anymore and I won't be able to drool over your Big Sky photos.

OK, really I'm very happy for you. So amazing how the Lord works in our behalf each and every day.

Good luck with all the commotion and flurry ahead. So excited that you'll be able to be near family.
I agree. We need to really have some strong roots to weather storms as a family.

Jenny said...

God truly leads us if we let him! I am glad you already had a plan in place! I am sure you will grow to love the things Texas has to offer. I bet you won't miss your Montana in the winter:). Good luck getting all packed up. What a big task!

Tina said...

Sherrie, You have been such an inspiration to me. It is true what is said. He will stand by you and guide you as long as you're doing what you need to do. Good luck with your move and enjoy every moment you can with your family.