Saturday, April 14, 2012


It's official!  

I graduated today

Associates of Science in Accounting
with Highest Honors

GPA 3.95

Now about to begin another 2 yrs of butt whooping work towards a bachelor's degree in Financial Forensics.  

I also just learned that I am a recipient of an academic scholarship that will get me a nice percentage deduction off my tuition.  Woo!  

Yes I am patting myself on the back today
after all it is my blog and I can brag about myself if I want to.
GO ME!!  

I hope my kids will be as proud of me as I am, because I made the decision to go back to school 2 years ago partially for them. I want them to understand that if their mom can do this at my age, they can do just about anything they set their minds to.  


claire said...

Wow! What a great job and to also get an academic scholarship, that is way awesome. You've done such an awesome job, so very proud of you. Your hard work will pay off for you soon. Love ya

Jenny said...

I am so proud of you Sherrie! Great job. You should pat yourself on the back:).

Alicia said...

How exciting...what a great example to your kids and to others around. I am so proud of you.

Garden of Egan said...

That is so awesome!
You should be proud! That is quite an accomplishment!!!

Valerie said...

Very proud of my oldest sister! You put in a lot of hard work and it will be well worth it.