Sunday, April 8, 2012

Look who is turning 16 years old today....

He is!

My Jessie!
Sniff - Sniff 

I don't have a lot of recent photos so I will be taking a little walk down memory lane and posting some of then and now.  

Jessie loves his cousin's and they love him
This is his beloved cousin Lilly who adores him
After all he is pretty Adorable!

Look Out!  He will be driving soon
I'd stay off the roads if I were you..... LOL  j/k

He is pretty darn handsome!


A memory that keeps flashing back when I think of him skateboarding is when he was maybe 5 or 6 years old and received his very first skateboard.  The first thing he did was take the skateboard to the railing of the cement stairs going out of our front door.  He decided he was going to try to skateboard down the railing.  Oh my goodness I just about died.  

He is fearless!

Saxophone Player
Wish this picture wasn't so fuzzy

Jessie with his Dad, Sister, and their dog Dexter
Life in Cedar City

Cousins are wonderful friends

Visiting mom in Montana

A birthday from the past

He is an awesome Gamer!

A wonderful brother

A much younger picture 
And more to follow...

A blast from the past...
being goofy with goofy

He loved playing Army Men for hours
That look on his face makes me smile

He loved his spaghetti 
And was great at being messy... 
A cute messy though!
Who me?  Another look that makes me chuckle

Way back when he was very small
And loving his horsey that Grandpa made

Always a Family!
An oldie but a goodie

Jessie has been through some really tough trials recently, and is making  great strides in improving the situation.  

I am so proud of how responsible he is being and proud of all of his accomplishments.  

He is a becoming a wonderful young man!  

Stay strong my son.  I love you! 


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