Thursday, April 15, 2010


Have you heard of it?  It has become my new favorite hobby! 

A week or so ago I was talking with my daughter, Shellise, and asking her what she was doing.  She told me she was out geocaching.  I asked her what that was and do you know what she told me? 

She told me to google it!  Smarty Pants!  Smart Girl!  She used what I used to say to her when she asked a lot of questions, against me. 

Well I did google it, and learned all about it, and did what a Geocacher does to get doing it.  Then I told Shellise how excited I was to get started and such and she said to me "No longer a muggle".  And when I asked her what she meant by that she told me, of all things, to google it!   So I did, and I figured it out and got a kick out of all the Geocache lingo there is. 

So.... If you want to learn what Geocaching is just go to this website.  Yes, I was nice and provided the link!  But if you want to learn what a Muggle is, you will just have to google it!  Ha!  Hint: It has nothing to do with Harry Potter.

 I was so excited about this new activity that hubby and I went out the very next day and found our very first three cache's.  I love the whole concept.   I can combine my favorite things into making this a wonderfully fun hobby.  We can hike, go on road trips, learn about the history of the area, view some awesome scenery and wildlife, take photographs, and find geocache's, all around the world.  This is indeed my kind of activity! 

Here are some photos I took of our Geocaching Adventure last weekend.  Our first was in our neighborhood and I didn't take any photos.  The second one we went to actually ended up being my favorite.

An Old School House
Built in 1901

The school is still used for weddings and other meetings.

Me, just a swingin'!

Of course, we had to check out the out house.

Hubby even used it! Shhhh
You didn't hear that from me!

Down the road from the school house is a bridge over the East Gallatin River. 
This is where we found our second cache. 

We saw a bunch of pheasants, both hens and roosters.
By the time I got my camera ready they had flown away.
Except for this rooster. Picture's not so great though!

We even saw a Rhea!  
It's totally out of focus.  It was windy and I don't have a tripod yet.

Hubby found the cache

Our third geocache was about 30 miles north along the Missouri River. 

This is the Toston Bridge overlooking the Missouri River

Historical Information

Missouri River

Along the way we saw this huge Eagle nest.

A view from directly below indicates that maybe it is partially man made.
Definately a HUGE nest!

Some scenery alog the way

Overlooking the Missouri River from a high point.

We had so much fun learning about the history around the cache's, and seeing the beautiful scenery and wildlife that you don't get to see every day.  I am, as we speak, getting my GPS loaded up with some more Geocache's we are going to find this coming weekend.  So..... if this sounds like something you would be interested in, join us in the ranks of a "Non-Muggle", grab your GPS and lets go!


midRae said...

Awesome adventure!! My brother-in-law lives for it and my midMan does not. But oh well. I am glad that you guys are having a blast. You should think about maybe placing some out yourself. And concerning the tri-pod, you might look into getting a mono-pod. They can do almost as good a job as the tri-pod but cost a little less, about $15.00 at Wally World, and they don't take up as much room and sometimes are easier, when you are in a hurry, to deploy. Keep having fun and I would love to go where you get to go. It's beautiful!!!

Garden of Egan said...

How fun!!!!! Your country is beautiful.
Also it would be a rush to find stuff.
Gonna check it out.

Anonymous said...

wow this sounds so cool! i checked out the website and there are TONS around the ennis, viriginia city area! cool!

great pictures. i really like the one of the pheasant... even if it's a bit blurry. looks neat-o ;)

Anonymous said...

i totally forgot to tell you what kind of camera that i use...

a canon rebel xti. i mostly shoot with my 18-55 lens. i have a telephoto lens that i use for portraits of kids, horses and dogs. the telephoto doesn't distort the conformation of the animals.

just remembered!!

Traci said...

HOW FUN!!!! I will have to Google it and check out your link, I have never heard of it! I love your pics and seeing you swing! You are all heart! That is what the Jefferies love about YOU!!

Annette Lyon said...

I've always thought that geocaching would be such a fun hobby.(I've even thought it could be a jumping off point for a book.) Maybe one of these days!

Kristy said...

That makes me want to take it up! I've heard of it before and it sounds like a lot of fun. I bet my kiddos would LOVE it! Will have to try it...