Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Son!

It's my Jessie's birthday today.  My baby boy is 14 years old! EeeeekThis makes me old.

Jessie was born on this day in 1996 at 7:16 pm, weighing in at 5 lbs. 1 oz.  He was small and premature.  He came into my life through adoption when he was 1-1/2 years old.  He had a rough start in life but has grown into a wonderfully amazing young man. 

Jessie has huge brown eyes and a smile that lights up his whole face.  From a cute little boy he has grown up to be a tall and strong young man.  I am so proud of him and all of his accomplishments. 

Jessie has always been a "little dare devil".  He has no fear.  When he was 4 or 5 years old he borrowed a neighbors skateboard and was ready to go down the railing to the stairs in front of our home.  He also would climb up to the top of playground equipment and wouldn't hesitate to jump off.  While my greatest fear is the fear of heights, my Jessie boy would be climbing and jumping like there was nothing to it! He would scare me to death!

Jessie is also a very talented "all around" athlete.  As a very young boy he played indoor soccer, basketball, flag football, and baseball.  His greatest strengths are in Baseball and Football. 

After that first year in flag football, he decided that was not exciting enough and begged to play "real" football with pads and stuff.  So from the time he was 8 years old he has played tackle football.  And he is an excellent player.  He is very coordinated with the ball, very fast and very strong.  He has true, raw talent for this sport and many coaches have indicated that if he chooses to pursue this he could go very far.

In baseball the coaches loved the fact that he is left-handed.  He is a strong hitter, a fast runner, and has an arm on him that can get that ball in from the outfield.  Because of that he played in the outfield alot, but he also did an excellent job at 3rd base and as a catcher.  The past 2-3 years he has been groomed as a pitcher, and has pitched some awesome "shut out" games. 

This year is a BIG year for Jessie as he starts High School. Did I just say High School?  Eeek!  He has an excellent opportunity to play both football and baseball for Canyon View High School in Cedar City, UT. The high school football coach has been keeping his eye on Jessie, and Jessie will be attending football camp this summer. Exciting stuff could be heading his way.

Over the past couple years, Jessie has also taken up skateboarding and while it's not my favorite thing to see him do, he is VERY VERY GOOD at it.  He practices at the local skate park daily.  He's not afraid to jump off those high jumps or run down railings, just like he wanted to do when he was a toddler.  I don't get all the skateboard lingo so I don't know what all the moves are called, but he can do them and he does them well.

One of my favorite character traits I love about Jessie is his love for small children and his kindness to those that have disabilities.  He has always been drawn to babies and little kids.  He is so sweet to get down and play with them.  Because of this, all of his little cousins adore him.  He also is not afraid to be a friend to children with special needs.  I worked at his elementary school as a Teacher's Aide for Special Ed.  I was specifically in charge of one student during Jessie's 5th grade year.  This student had down syndrome and autism and attended Jessie's class part of the time.  Jessie went out of his way to be a friend to this boy. I didn't ask him too, he just did.  He would play basketball with him on the playground, sit next to him during assemblies, and walk with him wherever he went.  He was helpful to this boy when he needed help just doing basic things.  It really touched my heart to watch this.  But this is my Jessie.  He has a heart of Gold! 

Friend to all

Jessie is just a great kid! 
He is.....

Lover of Animals

Tender Hearted
A great friend

He is...... My Jessie Boy.... My Son!

I love you so much Jessie. 
My love for you is unconditional and forever.
I will always be here for you.

Happy Birthday!



Jenny said...

I love those pictures of Jessie when he was young. He was always the cutest little boy. It is fun to see him grow up. I am sure him and Douglas would still be friends if we lived close. They have many of the same interests. I loved reading your post! Happy Birthday Jessie!

midRae said...

I have to say that we miss Jessie. We had so much fun when he and Dylan were playing football. Ask him about the St. George game when he cam down with us and Bevis & Butthead. It was hysterical. The boys had us laughing so hard. He's a great kid and you can be a very proud parent. You earned it.

Anonymous said...

wonderful tribute to your son - D'Ann

Anonymous said...

D'Ann said....
Wonderful tribute to a special young man from a proud mother

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. I forgot how he was such a cutie when he was sooo little. Jessie has a good heart and he definetely is loved by his cousins (my daughters). He is so talented, and I hope he continues in sports, because he could go a long ways.


Tiffany said...

Awesome post about Jessie. You were so right when you said he loves little kids! He was so cute with Lilly over Easter weekend. She's still talking about him... Love that kid.

ladybugfamily said...

happy birthday to jessie! this is another great photo tribute. what a fun idea. it must have taken you forever to put this together ;) great job sherrie!

Anonymous said...

I wrote something earlier but I've got a problem with the blog/google whatever and it wouldn't send. He was and still is a darling boy. He is so cute with the little kids. Lilly wouldn't leave his side last weekend and the Mills girls just love him. He is so good with all of them. He has so much talent if he can just channel it. Sherrie you did such a wonderful job on the tribute. It shows your deep love for him and Shellise's was also wonderful. Love Ya, MOM

Garden of Egan said...

Such a good looking kid!
I hope he had a great birthday!

Stephanie Faris said...

How sweet! Happy birthday, Jessie.

kate said...

You are so talented. That was beautiful. I sure miss you. Hope you are doing ok.

Traci said...

I love all your collages! You are such a great mom!