Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daisy's Doxie Adventures!!!

Last Sunday I coudn't wait for Dad & Mom to get home from church so we could go on another adventure.  I knew we would be going because out of all the days that week, Sunday, ended up being the only day it didn't rain and the skies were blue and the sun was out. 

After much anticipation we finally got rolling.  Here I am sitting in the car while we head out to the wilderness. 

I am being so patient!

We finally reached our destination of Corbly Gulch.  Dad & I went on this hike a few weeks ago and decided that since it was so beautiful and such a great hike that we just had to bring Mom. 

I just love to explore.  I love to hear the birds sing and watch them fly.  I love chasing ground squirrels, butterflies, and grasshoppers.  I love the smell of the fresh, clean forest.

Dad & I heading over to check out the creek

I heard something that I know I would love to play with!

Dad and I waiting for Mom to catch up. 
She is busy taking these pictures.....

The sky started to get cloudy and looked like it was going to rain.
It only sprinkled for a little while.

The Gallatin Valley below looking west.

Mom loves wildflowers

A cool shot of this beautiful wildflower

Pretty scenery

A good shot of Dad playing near the water

We hiked for quit some time (over an hour) before Dad & Mom decided to take a break and found a nice resting spot under the canopy of this pine tree.  Dad & Mom sat down and munched on some trail mix while I searched the area near them.  I finally decided to rest myself.  It was a really nice place to rest.  I can't even begin to describe the fresh smell of the forest in the air. 

Mom under the canopy of the Pine Tree

After a while we started out again.  We continued hiking for another hour and then headed back down the mountain. 

Me just loving the Hike!
Just seeing what I can see!

Mom taking more pictures of the beautiful scenery.  She is going to be entering a photography contest and is working on her portfolio.  She takes lots and lots of pictures. 

Looking down on the valley below and the Tobacco Root Mountains in the distance. Great shot of Dad's profile!

More cool shots of wild flowers

So pretty isnt it?

It was so nice to get out of the house and enjoy all the beauty that God created for us. 

I led us back down the mountain and mom decided to take this shot..... (I can't believe she took this picture).... But I guess this is what they get to see all the way back down the mountain.  They were laughing because I was in high gear and they were having a hard time keeping up with me.  Ha!

I hope you agree that I have a cute little hiney! 

Ta Ta For Now!  Until next time!


midRae said...

Looking forward to more fun and exciting adventures.

Anonymous said...

Love the adventure from the eyes and ears of Daisy. Can't wait for more. Alicia

claire said...

Great pictures and what a beautiful hike for the three of you.

Anonymous said...

Love Daisy's Doxie Adventures. What a wonderful way to end our day reading about it. Hope you place in the photo contest.
D'Ann - Springtown

Susan W. said...

Wow. What incredibly beautiful countryside!