Thursday, May 6, 2010


A few weeks ago we heard about a horse drive that runs 400 horses down main street of a small town about 20 miles west of us.  They drive the horses from their winter quarters to where they will be staying for the summer. When I heard about this, I knew this was something I just had to see.  It was scheduled for the following day, Saturday, April 24th. 

I gathered as much info as I could to find out what time it started and where we needed to be.  Being new to the area I had no idea it was such a huge event.  This would be the 7th Annual Spring Horse Roundup and Horse Drive and it is really the last of its kind.  People all around the world come to take part in this event.  You can read more about it here.

Since we only learned of this the day before I didn't know what time we needed to be there to see them drive the horses through town.  The only information I found was they would be arriving in town sometime between 2-4pm.  Bill works nights and would need a little sleep so we planned on arriving about 1:30. 

So we drove 20 miles to the neighboring town of Three Forks, MT to see the annual Three Forks Horse Drive on that Saturday arriving approximately at 1:30.  We arrived just in time to see the horses being driven into their holding area where they would stay that night.  We had missed the horses being driven down main street!   I was so bummed.  But seeing the horses running in the open field was a beautiful sight anyway and I was able to take some pretty good pictures. 

Like I said, we had no idea how huge an event this was until we arrived in that tiny town.  There were so many people there.  There was a band playing, horse wagon rides giving tours of the town and its history, there were street vendors serving all kinds of yummy cowboy food.  I was so sorry we missed being there earlier so we could have seen the horses being driven down main street. 

Here is a video clip from the local news station.  Make sure you check it out.  Like I said this kind of thing is the very last of its kind and only something you would find right here in Montana. 

Here are some of the pictures I took.  The horses are so beautiful!

Look closely. Do you see something out of place?

Yes, thats a Llama!  There was one lonely Llama in that field looking like he was wondering what the heck was going on with all these horses taking over his place of residence.  I thought it was pretty funny.

I loved the reflection in the windows of this Saddle Shop.

One of the carriage rides through town

I am a huge fan of historical places.  And the history of this town is huge. 

I have mentioned before that if I could live in another era of time it would be in the 1800's.  I love almost everything about the whole western scene.  I would love to have a ranch full of horses, and I would love to be the cowgirl driving her horses to their summer location.  In my dreams!  So I will definately be back next year (on time) to watch those horses run through town.   There is such beauty in a horse!


Rachel said...

Love those pictures. There is something so freeing in looking at those horses run. I know my husband longs for the day when he can take our boys to see country like that. Minnesota is beautiful, but we don't have that exquisite ruggedness. (now that's a juxtaposition in words)

Blessings to you,


Anonymous said...

Great exciting pictures Sherrie. Really Enjoyed them.
Springtown TX

Anonymous said...

Sherrie, Love the beautiful and exciting photos. Thanks for sharing the wonderful event.

Anonymous said...

Sherrie, just saw the ad for horse drawn carriages in Ft Worth on your blog page. That how Brad proposed to Shelly in downtown Ft Worth. So romantic! And their are beautiful during the holiday season when everything is lighted.

ladybugfamily said...

really beautiful sherrie! love the lighting on the horse pictures. so soft.

you'll have to come earlier next year! maybe i can make it up there next year too!!

LC said...

Great pictures. These are good!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I would've loved to be there to see that. I love horses, and the beautiful outdoors. I'm glad you two are able to go out and see the sites. Your pictures were awesome.


Traci said...

I wish I would of known about this, my little ones would of LOVED it! Thanks for sharing your pics~

claire said...

Wow!!!! What beautiful pictures. That's really too bad that you didn't get there in time to see the actual driving of the horses, that truly will be something for you to look forward to next year. You're doing such an awesome job using your camera for incredibly beautiful pictures.