Friday, June 4, 2010

Daisy's Doxie Adventures!

It pretty much rained all week and was forecasted to be a very wet Memorial Day Weekend so Bill and I planned on having a Redbox weekend.  I think we ended up renting about 6 movies.  Daisy was really bummed and so bored.  She wanted to be out exploring but did not want to be out in what was coming down. 
This is what it looked like all week. 

It rained so much a pond started forming at the end of our driveway. 
I thought we may have to build an ark.

Daisy is bored and wishes it would stop raining. 
She wants to be outdoors going on hikes and chasing critters.

The looks are getting more and more pathetic

So sad!

Finally there was a brief respite from the rain on Sunday afternoon.  Bill decided to go fly his kite since there was a nice breeze.   And Daisy was so excited to get out of the house. 

Here are some pictures of Daisy in the car.  She was so excited to be going somewhere.  When we finally arrived at our destination she demanded to get out of the car immediately. 

Let me out!

Border line scary, huh?

So impatient to get out and explore.

Bill is getting his kite set up to fly

Up Up and Away!

Way up there!

While we are flying the kite Daisy is out exploring, doing exactly what Dachshund's do best, chasing ground squirrels all around the field into their holes in the ground. 

Where's Daisy?  There she is!

Even a field full of dandelions are beautiful and made for some nice pictures.  Shortly after this, it clouded up and rained some more. 

However, on Memorial Day the weather turned out to be beautiful.  Bill and I woke up early and went out to breakfast.  We then went to watch the parade downtown Bozeman.  General Norman Schwarzkopf was supposed to be the speaker at the Memorial Service and would also be participating in the parade.  Bozeman hasn't had a Memorial Day Parade or Service for over 50 years.  The parade turned out to be really nice, and the Memorial Service at the War Memorial in town was AWESOME!  Schwarzkopf didn't make it though.  His plane broke down in Denver and they were unable to get him another plane for him to arrive in time.  I was really looking forward to hearing him speak, so I was pretty bummed out about that.  But it really was a nice service with so many people in attendance.  It was a really nice day.  You can view a few of the pictures I took from my last post on Wordless Wednesday.  Here are a few more. 

Later that afternoon we took a picnic and drove up to Hylite Canyon Resevoir and just enjoyed being outdoors. 

Bill practiced his pipes.

I took pictures

Daisy and Abbie explored

So the weekend didn't end up being a complete washout, thankfully.  It ended up being pretty nice even if we didn't go camping, hiking, or geocaching. 

And now the next adventure begins.  Later on today my parents will be arriving with my kids in tow to stay with us for a week.  We have some fun things planned and I am so excited.  I will be busy and gone most of the week so you probably won't see anything from me for a while.  

TTFN...Until next time.....


Andrea said...

Great pictures!

Garden of Egan said...

What a darling dog! I can't believe how you captured his depression with the rain. (I'm feeling that myself right now) AND then see how excited to get out.

Fun stuff.

LC said...

The dandelion pictures are cute! You're developing a great talent.

Coby said...

Montana looks absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the pics of the dandelions too! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

mindy said...

isn't hylite beautiful! i love it up there. can't wait to drag my boys up to the waterfall ;) it needs to warm up a bit more first though!

thanks for all the kind words you wrote on my blog today. they really mean so much to me! thank you.

Anonymous said...

Love the catch up info and news of family and lovely Bozeman. We love Daisy's pics and adventures!

D'Ann Carpenter
Springtown TX