Monday, June 14, 2010

F-A-M-I-L-Y F-U-N - Part 1

My parents and kids are gone now and the house is once again too quiet.   I have been reminiscing about all the fun times we had as well as editing all the photos I took, and this has helped make the emptiness of the house feel not quite so empty. 

They stayed with us for a week.  Bill was lucky enough to only have to work 1 night and got the rest of the time off to spend with us.  I think I am going to break this post up into 2-3 different parts otherwise it will be just way too long. 

So here is what we did the first couple days......

We had a Grizzly Bear Encounter

They were very cute.  But I am glad I didn't run in to them out in the wild.

My Daddy

Some good shots of the kids......

It was windy and they were freezing
Jessie has now grown taller than Shellise who is 5'8
I think he will be well over 6 feet tall soon.

Silly Girl!

Jessie - 14 yrs

We also took Dad to the Vietnam Wall War Memorial.  He served in Vietnam, had a near brush with death there, and does not like to talk much about his experience during the war.  It is so hard to see all the many thousands of names of men who died during that war.  It's very humbling.  I wish I had taken a picture of my Dad at the wall, but I didn't.  This one is from the Memorial Day service.

On Sunday after church we took a drive up to Hylite Canyon reservoir where we had planned on roasting some brat's, hang out at the resevoir and maybe do a little fishing or go on a short hike.  But the weather decided not to cooperate.  As soon as we got there and were getting the fire started, the sky let loose and it began pouring rain.  We hung out there in hopes it would stop after a little while, but it didn't so we headed back home.  We ended up just watching movies that night. 

The weather was kind of on and off for us all week.  There were periods of rain and cold and periods where the sun came out and it warmed up.  We were still able to do most everything we wanted to do.  The next post will include our trips to yellowstone and ghost towns. 


midRae said...

Did that boy grow or what? WOW!! I love hearing about your adventures and look forward to them all the time. I can't wait to here what else went on.

claire said...

Those were fun things to see. The bears were so cute. Would loved to have seen the biggest one, maybe next time. The memorial wall was so wonderful to seen, wish we knew how to figure out how to find the names of those we know whose lost their life while serving in Viet Nam.

mindy said...

oooh i LOVE the grizzly center! i can't wait to take my boys there this summer.

your son is so handsome and grown up looking! i can't believe he's 14!!

and i love love love the picture of your daughter peek-a-booing over the back of the seat. that is priceless :)