Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Just some random thoughts I have had today.....

  • What to get my soon to be 18 year old daughter for her birthday and graduation?  Holy Crap.... she will be EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD!  No.....!  
  • Oh NO that means my son will be turning 16 years old 3 days later!  *Gulp*


  • My literature and microeconomics classes are killing me!  Can't wait to be done.  Just 3 more weeks!
  • The pizza my 8 year old nephew made tonight was pretty darn good!  
  • I need a VACATION!  Maybe I should take my cousin up on her offer!
  • I need to get my tooth fixed, need to find a dentist first.  Ugh!
  • I wonder who will be sent home on American Idol.
  • I need to finish reading To Kill a Mockingbird tonight.
  • I should go to the grocery store... we need milk!
  • I wish I could come up with a nice big point word against my brother on Words with Friends.  He beats the crap out of me every time!  Grrr!
  • I hope I am not getting a sinus infection... headache please go away!
  • I really need to do better on weight watchers... I am such slacker!  
  • I wonder how my kids are doing this week?  Wish they would return my calls.  :(
  • I want a Vanilla Ice Cream Cone now!  See what I mean about doing better on weight watchers?  Ugh!
  • Wow tomorrow is me and Dear Hubby's 4 year anniversary of the day we met. Good day!
  • I'm so exhausted right now and I wish I didn't have homework to complete before I can go to bed. 
  • I can't wait for Sunday's episode of Army Wives!  
  • My foot hurts!
I know I'm weird! 

I can be weird on my own blog, right?  


Garden of Egan said...

You can be as weird as you want!
Sounds normal to me.

My DIL got me hooked on words with friends. She totally wastes me every game. I think she's cheating.

Good luck with your classes! They sound grueling!

claire said...

Good luck with beating Jay, it just sucks playing against him, but I guess it still helps us be creative with words. Good luck in school I'm so proud of you. Love ya.