Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A visit with the Grandbabies

We had an unexpected surprise visit from our son-in-law and grand-babies a couple weeks ago.  They came all the way here from Arizona to attend his grandmother's funeral so we didn't get to visit for very long; however, it was a really nice time.  

Grandpa & Isabelle 

Grandpa & Sadie

Grandpa & DJ

Isabelle & Grandma

Sadie & Grandma

DJ & Grandma

Just for fun!

Little Man

Silly Daisy

Later on we met up with Bill's parents (Great G-ma & Great G-pa Carpenter) for dinner. 

Grandpa is a BIG tease

Great Grandma came with Easter gifts

Sadie in her bunny ears

Isabelle in her bunny ears

DJ in his bunny ears 
Isabelle in background looking through her gift bag

Sadie with her poodle purse - CUTE!

Isabelle posing with her poodle purse

Doing the bunny hop

All three of them

It was wonderful to have some grandbaby time even if it was short and sweet.   

The best thing that I have been told in a very long time was when Sadie said to me "Grandma, I really love you".  Aw! You don't know what that did to my heart! 

We missed Stephanie (their mommy) though!  We hope to see you all really soon!

I sure love these kids!!


Garden of Egan said...

They are beautiful.
Love each of the shots. Looks like you had a good time.

claire said...

Looks like you really enjoyed yourself with the grandchildren. So glad that they were able to come and visit you. Too bad that Stephanie couldn't come, hopefully soon.