Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have I told you about my beautiful daughter?

I am the luckiest mom in the world to have such a beautiful, smart, witty, fun, loving daughter. She is such a wonderful young woman I just have to brag for a bit if that's ok.

First of all, I don't know how she fits everything she does into her schedule. She is so involved with so many things. To give you a small idea...Her schedule goes a bit like this: Besides her regular school schedule, she is involved with the academic games as the president of the presentation team. This requires her to stay after school everyday and travel to different schools for competition on Tuesday's. She might have an hour after that to eat and head to the church for Mutual and doesn't get home until 9:00 pm. On Wednesday's she goes straight to Granite Youth Symphony right after school and doesn't get home until 5:45. Afterwards she has just barely has enough time to change clothes and grab a bite to eat before heading over the Hunter High School for Softball Clinic, which lasts for 8+ weeks. This is so she can get conditioned for High School Softball tryouts which is coming up soon. She doesn't get home until 10:00 pm. She is also going to be creating/designing the set for the school play of "Aladdin", this is also another meeting she has to stay after school for once or twice a week. She also tries to participate in whatever sport the youth at church are playing at the time. Right now its Basketball. But trying to fit that into her schedule is sometimes difficult. When she is home she still has to do homework and practice her viola everyday. The sad thing is she isn't taking any dance classes this year, which has done since she was 5 yrs old. She would like to get some dance classes in, but where would she find the time?

She is "so-not-like-me". And I am glad. I was so shy growing up that I never would even think about getting involved in any extra-curricular activities... until I reached my Junior/Senior year then I came out of my shell a bit.

Just thinking and writing about her schedule wears me out. And she still wants to fit more things into it. Some days I really have to put my foot down and say "enough is enough". Between my work schedule and her schedule, there are days that we only see each other in passing. Is this what teenage life is all about? She's only a freshman. Does it get crazier in High School?

And since we are on the subject of High School.... she will be taking courses in High School over the next 3 years that will count towards college credit... so that it is possible for her to earn her Associates Degree by the time she graduates. Can you believe that?

She also turns 15 in April and reminds me on a daily basis that she needs to start learning how to drive. Ugh! I keep putting it off because I am just not ready for her to be that old.

I miss my babies. I miss the times when they needed me to help them more. I miss holding them, reading to them, helping them get dressed. So if you still have small children...Enjoy every second you can with them, because the time goes by so fast and before you know it they are gone.

Anyway... I just want to say that I admire Shellise so much. She is so much more smarter than I ever will be. She teaches me so many things on a daily basis. I am so grateful for her.

I just have one wish..... That time would slow down!


Lara said...

Brag away, Sherrie! Shellise is a great girl and I miss her a lot! She is so busy, and you're right...definitely not shy at all! :)

Valerie said...

Wow, she's does have quite a schedule, but good for her. She's growing up fast!

Anonymous said...

Shellise is a beautiful and talented young women. I admire her alot. She is what I would've liked to be when I was young. Mainly outgoing and not caring what others think about them. I love my little Shellise (I know she's not little anymore, but I can still remember the little red head running around)Anyways, Shellise is awesome and I love her.


Kate said...

She is a very cute fun girl. I too REALLY MISS my babies. I wish I could go back, even though I love my kids now. I really miss them being babies.

Anonymous said...

When I think of Shellise I get a grin on my face because I know that she always has such a beautiful SMILE on her face she always has since a cute little round faced baby with beautiful hair. And I admire her so much getting involved with a variety of things in school. Hopefully she can channel them for her benefit. I love her so much. LOve Ya, MOM;;;Grandma