Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thoughts and Thanks

To all my friends and family THANK YOU for your advice regarding my last post about my son. I have given it much thought and prayer and have decided to let it go for now and just be the best mom I can be to him when he is in my home, and love him regardless of what he does. To fight him will be to have him hate and resent me for years to come.

I am reminded of that quote..."If you love something set it free. If it comes back it is yours forever. If it doesn't, it was never meant to be.

The last part doesn't completely apply to a person that is indeed your child because I have to believe he was definately meant to be. To me it means that I have to have great courage and a strong faith to believe that Jessie will someday see that maybe his choices haven't been the best and maybe he will see that I am there for him and love him no matter what and he will want that in his every day life.

So to all of you who posted comments with your advice, I appreciate you so much for your thoughts and your caring words. Thanks for being such great friends.


kim graham said...

Sherrie, Jesse is really a good boy and is just going through somethings right now. But knowing he has mom that loves him no matter what will be what will stick with him. He is always so well behaved at my house and he is always welcome here. Thanks for letting him and Ryan hang out last weekend. Keep up the good work and I know Jesse will come around.

Sherrie said...

Thanks Kim. I appreciate that and having Ryan as a friend means so much to me and to Jessie.

Kate said...

Just hang in there and try to have the faith, I know it is easier said than done when it is your son, but just keep loving him and hopefully someday he will see the light. Miss ya.