Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Got Stuff On My Mind

Here are a few random things I have been thinking about lately....

  1. The most exciting thing is that the kids are going to be with us for Thanksgiving this year.  I have spent the last few months setting money aside for their plane tickets.  I got okay prices for it being a Holiday and everything.  However, they fly into Bozeman and fly back home out of Butte (about 1-1/2 hrs away). It's the only way I could keep the cost affordable. 
  2. I am trying to find some things for all of us to do while they are here.  We will probably go to the Indoor Go Karts (if open), to the movies, bowling, ice skating (if ponds are frozen) and seeing some local nearby sites (weather permitting).  I also hope to be able to spend some time playing board and card games, Xbox games, as well as some crafty projects I have for them to make.  I hope that keeps the kiddos busy and happy and that they have some fun! I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  Do you have any suggestions on activities we can do with teenage kids?
  3. I have been frustrated with the new camera.  The battery in the camera only lasted me a week.  After searching many stores, I found that I have to purchase the kind of battery it takes and charger through Kodak only at the small fortune of $90 +.  So I did some searching on Ebay and found a generic version that comes with 2 rechargable batteries and a charger for $16.00.  I decided to give this a shot and if it didn't work I wouldn't be out any great money.  I paid for the purchase on Oct 8th and I still have not received the package.  And after I got looking into it further, realized it was being sent directly from Hong Kong, China.  I usually am more careful when I make Ebay purchases to make sure I purchase items in USA only.  Needless to say, because it has to go through customs and all that it could take a while.  It's been 20 days isn't that long enough?   Now I am really kicking myself.  I should have just spent the money and got the Kodak brand from Kodak.  I would have had it long before now and I would have been able to use my camera!  Very frustrating!
  4. Had to take the Rendevous in for transmission work today.  For the past few weeks its been trying to skip gears and has been really rough when it shifts into different gears.  We went for a drive, last weekend, up to the canyon.  We wanted to check out this lake that was at the top. The Rendevous kept having a real hard time shifting and so we ended up turning around and coming home before we reached our destination.  Can we ever go more than a couple months without car problems?  The transmission place is going to do a complete flush and filter change and said there is something they can do with the computer system that "tweaks" it or something like that.  This will set us back another $250 + and hope it fixes the problem. 
  5. We have been to the movies more in two weeks than we have in probably 6 months or longer.  There just hasn't been any movies that have come out recently that even looked appealing.  Last week we saw Law Abiding Citizen with Jamie Foxx & Gerard Butler.  Revenge to the extreme! But I liked it even though it had some violent and gory scenes.  I really loved the clever plot turn finale.  And then yesterday we saw Paranormal Activity.  I am always up for a good "boo-you" type movie.  But this movie is probably the most scariest I've seen.  It is genuinely horrifying and it will make you jump out of your seat!  Its good and interesting but definately scary!  I couldn't sleep last night because of it.  So if you choose to see it, beware!
  6. Shellise found out yesterday at the dentist why her teeth have been hurting her so bad.  All 4 of her wisdom teeth are coming in and impacting all of her other teeth.  The x-rays look a little scary.  So she has to have oral surgery ASAP.  Get this though... even though she is double covered under insurance that will cover this, the Oral Surgeon requires $600 up front before he will do the surgery.  And then I guess we try to get that reimbursed by insurance.  So now we have to scramble for the upfront cash so she can get this procedure done and hopefully feeling better soon. 
  7. I am so worried about Jessie right now.  He is making some really bad choices and doing some things that is getting him into some trouble.  It all stems from his choice of friends and that instead of leading he wants to be a follower.  This doesn't even cover how poorly he is doing school and his "I know everything that will get me by in life" attitude.  He has so much potential and talent in so many things and he is so smart, but I am afraid he is going to blow it all.  This really scares me!  Please help me pray for him! 
  8. Let's just say that an ex-wife is coming back to haunt us again by more fraud and identity theft. This is so difficult for Bill because its his credit that is being demolished.  And the feeling that we can never get ahead. I guess this time we have to file police reports and hope they will go after her for real this time. Ugh! Enough said about that right now!
  9. And finally, Christmas is just around the corner and I am not ready.  The time since Memorial Day weekend has just blown by and I am afraid I just can't believe or am willing to accept its that time of year again.  Between Bill & I, we have 5 kids and 4 grandchildren.  I have a couple ideas and things in mind for a couple of them but I am really struggling to know what to do for the others.  I had hoped I would be able to do more crafty type things this year, but with the move it has made it next to impossible to do that.  I am working on an afghan but thats it so far.  I had hopes to make my own hand stamped Christmas Cards this year, but I don't think thats going to happen either.  But you know... thats ok I think.  Sometimes, less is more and I want to enjoy the season instead of being stressed over it.  Bill and I will be alone for Christmas this year.  However, I am hoping that if weather permits, Shellise & Jessie will be able to come up around the 26th and stay for the rest of the Holiday. 
I guess that just about wraps it up.  I was going to also go into the frustration I have had in finding a hair stylist I like to do my hair.  It's hard when you move to a new area to even know where to go, and the one place I tried when I first moved here ended up being a pricy nightmare.  But today, I found one that I will be happy going to.  So finally, after 10 weeks of frumpy hair that has driven me completely insane and into tears a couple times, I finally have a decent cut that I like and hair salon that is a block away with a hair stylist that actually has a lot of things in common with me.  Yeah!!!  I can finally check that off my list. 

Any comments, ideas, suggestions is appreciated! 


R Max said...

Wow, there is a lot going on! I have experienced all of these things too and some of them more than once!

Hang in there... things do settle down eventually. You have a super trip to look forward to!

My hat is off to you for what you have already achieved. You go girl!

Lara said...

Always so much going on, isn't there?

I'm thrilled that Shellise and Jessie get to come for Thanksgiving! I'm sure you can't wait. I will keep Jessie in my prayers. It is so hard to watch our children make any kind of bad choices, and I don't even know how much yet.

midRae said...

Hang in there. I know it is really hard watching our children make mistakes. I know Jessie and I know he is a great kid. What you need to do is just believe in the base that you have given him and always be there for him when he is ready. Pushing him right now could push him away but remember to let him know that what ever happens you will always love him and you will always be there for him. He knows the difference between right and wrong and, although it is the hardest thing in the world, you may need to stand back and let him deal with the consequences that will eventually come his way. Just keep reminding him that you all love him and are there now matter what. I'm here for you and we will for sure keep Jessie and Shellise in our prayers.

Shorty said...

So glad you told me about Paranormal Activity! I've wanted to check it out but don't want to be afraid to walk through my house at night, or be by myself like you mentioned. I may have to see it anyway on Halloween just to push things a bit! I'll keep you posted...