Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I've been waiting for pictures to come so this post is a little bit late, but still worthy of a post. 

I'll start with JESSIE.  Jessie started the 8th grade this year.  That means my baby will be in High School next year.  Jessie loves everything about football and has played this sport for about 6 years now.  He is very good and has A LOT of talent.  He is very fast and very coordinated.  This being his 8th grade year, is really the most important year to play, to show the high school coaches what he is made of.  So he went to tryouts and practices and gave it his all.  He was chosen to be the running back for offense and middle line backer for defense as well as punter.  Yes, thats right, he plays Both Offense AND Defense. 

So... first game of the season was about 2 weeks ago.  Barely into the 2nd half of game, he gets in there and catches a kick off return and is running the ball towards the end zone.  He runs right into the defensive line and ends up getting himself hurt pretty bad.  His left arm all scratched up and his right arm possibly broken.  So he is taken off the field and to the hospital for xrays.  And sure enough, its broken.  He is out for the season.  Big Bummer! 

Other than that, he is good.  Loves to skateboard and spends plenty of time at skate park.  Working on getting better grades in school this year. 

SHELLISE went on her first date to Homecoming Dance 2 weeks ago.  She was asked by her friend/boyfriend, Branden Mosley.  They had a wonderful day that started off at the Cedar City SkyFest, dinner at his house and ended up with the dance.   After the dance was over and on their way out the doors, Shellise got injured.  I'm not sure exactly how this happened, but one of the big metal doors inside the school was opened on top of her foot, cutting it and crushing it a bit.  This caused her a lot of pain and she ended up having to go to the hospital the next day to get xrays.  She came away with her foot wrapped and crutches for a week.  Here are the pictures of her date.

                            Excited for Date!

Getting Ready



Branden & Shellise

At the Dance

Shellise on crutches

Okay so now I am thinking both my kids have been injured last week, what is going on?  And then I receive this picture of Shellise yesterday. 

Yes, that is Shellise in the hospital.  She got really sick with strep throat and tonsilitis.  Her dad ended up having to take her to the ER where they hooked her up on an IV to give her some antiobiotics and liquids.  She was there for 6 hrs and sent home with instructions to see her doctor today.  She is one sick little girl right now and is miserable. 

So it seems my kids have seen their fair share of the hospital the past 2 weeks.  When it rains it pours, and I hope the pouring has stopped for them.  They say things come in three's... so it should be done.  Here is to good heath and no more injuries!!!!

I can't wait to see them at Thanksgiving.


midRae said...

Tell the kids if they need anything to just call me. I would be more than happy to help out.

Lara said...

Wow Sherrie! Crazy happenings in Cedar.

Shellise looked absolutely beautiful on her date. Awww. All my little Beehives are getting so big now!

Polar2003 said...

MOMMY!!! it was only three hours!!! and branden IS NOT my boyfriend =]
love you!

Valerie said...

Major bummer! Hope they both get healed soon.