Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Some of you may have experienced moving from one place to another.  Moving to a different house in the same city or even state isn't so bad.  Moving to another state or country is a whole other experience.  After moving long distance it really takes time to get used to things.  Every state is different in one way or another.  It could be whether or not they charge sales tax, or local laws that are different than what you may be used.  Moving to Bozeman, Montana from Salt Lake City, Utah has been a good experience for the most part.  However, there are some things that will definately take some getting used to. 

For instance, I can't buy my favorite bread here.  For those that live in Utah and know and love Grandma Sycamore's bread, you will understand.  For those of you that don't know, you will have to trust me.  It is the best bread out there.  Its the next best thing to homemade and so very fresh!  I searched every store in this town only to find out they don't carry Sara Lee products and have no idea what I'm talking about when I ask.  So I am on a quest for good bread and so far I haven't found it.  Very disappointed!  So for now, I go to Great Harvest to get the Honey Whole Wheat that I like from there. And if I want white bread I'll either have to "settle" with what is available, or find a recipe that I like and bake it myself.  Now begins my search for a good bread recipe.  If you have one, please do share!

Next, are the many restaurants that I love and that they don't have here.  Yet, anyway. 

This is where Bill and I first met and its our favorite! Closest one is over 2 hrs away.

No more Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwiches with Fried Zucchini

Good bye to the Green Burrito's and Chicken Quesadilla's

There are none of these either.... not on every corner... not in Montana!

What No Slurpee's??

No Maverik gas stations?  Bill's favorite place for snacks and things. 

Seeing Casinos attached to every gas station and on every corner is something else I will have to get used.  Yup! You guessed it, gambling is legal in Montana.  Its nothing like Las Vegas or Reno, Nevada... not even close.  But, yes there are many, many casinos. 

Another thing that I just learned about a couple days ago when I went to Subway is that they do not take the point cards here in Montana.  What?   What about all my points I've been saving for that free sandwich, chips and drink?  Ugh!!!!

For those of you that are LDS and live in Utah and like to frequent Deseret Book or Seagull Book & Tape, BE VERY GRATEFUL!   The closest Seagull Book is 4 hrs away in Idaho Falls.  There isn't a book store in town that carry any LDS products.  Nope, not even WalMart folks!  Online Shopping is the next best thing.  This will definately take some getting used to.   

Bill listens to audiobooks while he drives at night. He really enjoys many LDS authors as well as many authors outside the LDS scene.  However, accessibility to LDS audiobooks outside of Utah is very very difficult.  You can't just run down to Deseret Book or Seagull Book to buy them and you definately can't just run into your local library and pick up an LDS authored book of your choosing.  Nope!  It doesn't work like that here.  So, I have spent countless hours searching for online audiobook downloads that I can purchase and download onto my own home computer, and either burn to a CD or transfer to Ipod.   Note to self - Ipod purchase is needed very soon! 

Oh... and we don't even get a radio station that plays Delilah!  How am I to survive not being able to listen to Delilah at night?  Well okay...I can listen as long as I'm on the computer! 

One other thing that I thought strange, and I already posted this to facebook a few days ago, is this sign that I found at our local library. 

Move Over Handicap Parking!  This sign took up at least two up front rows of parking.  Is that discrimination against most of us who drive regular gasoline type vehicles? Strange!

But Hey, there are many things to like about this place.  I live in Big Sky Country, Montana.  It's beautiful here! I live very close to my most favorite place, Yellowstone National Park.  It's right out my back door and  I can explore it any time I want.  The weather is so nice and mild (compared to Utah) in the summer, and the winters aren't that much different than what I am used to. 

There are many new things and places to explore.  Hiking and biking trails are everywhere, as well as fabulous White Water rafting and Fly Fishing expeditions.  This is Fly Fishing capital USA afterall!!  There are 3 very large rivers very close by... The Yellowstone, The Gallatin (for the rafting), and The Madison (for the fly fishing).  Oh.. and it's only a 30 minute drive to the nearest Ski and Snowboard area.  Bill is happy about that. 

There are thousands of acres of wheat farms, cattle ranches, as well as horse ranches surrounding the area. 

It's a dog friendly town.  Dogs are welcome pretty much anywhere here.  Even into some eating establishments where they have a supply of dog bowls for water and food. 

The people are friendly and willing to help if you need it. The community comes out and supports all the local events and school activities. 

It's a smaller town than what I am used to, which I like very much.  It only takes a couple minutes to get ot Bill's work.  Yet there are plenty of shopping establishments to visit.  WalMart and Target are on top of my list.  There is a mall with JCPenney's and Maceys and all the other stores you find in a regular mall type setting.

We don't have to pay sales tax on anything we shop for.  And our cars don't need Emissions & Safety Inspections in order to get them licensed and registered.  That's a BIG plus! 

Yes, it will take time to get used to the differences and to find things to replace others that I got used to in Utah, but there are so many other things to like, to experience and enjoy.  I'm still in the newness (is that a word?) stage and every day is an adventure to me, and I am finding that I am enjoying that part very much.

Have you moved recently and are missing some of your favorite things?  Please share your experiences with me. 


midRae said...

Can midMan and I move in? It sounds like our idea of Heaven on earth. Please take a moment and enjoy it all for us, we would greatly apprecaite it.

midRae said...

Ok, so I live in southern Utah and I can't spell. Appreciate! There I got it.

ramblins' from TX said...

When Lou and I moved back to TX in 66, I said it was my last move. As it turned out, it was. That is why we live in a small but paid for home. I would have liked to have found a small place to buy and raise the family in, but one had to go where the good jobs were.

annie valentine said...

I am so feeling you. Moving to DC was the biggest shock ever, mostly because I didn't think I could survive without Cafe Rio. Friends will come, it usually takes me about a year to find "that friend". Pray for it.

Valerie said...

No Grandma Sycamore's here either. I really miss Arctic Circle. I love their taco salads.

Mindy said...

I'm sure you've found a good bread substitute by now, but I just had to tell you my fav... just in case =)

I LOVE Wheat Montana bread. My Dad knew the owner when they were in High School together and the owner used to ride broncs with another very close friend of the family. But I love their bread because it's SOOOOO good. My favorite one is the whole grain WHITE bread. I know, those usually aren't in the same sentence. That's why I LOVE it!

I hope that Bozo is growing on you! I was born and raised in Bozo, lived in Lewistown MT, Helena MT and the Missoula area (believe me, you are NOT missing out on anything!!) By far my favorite place is Ennis. (But I've wanted to live here since I was a little girl, clinging to the back of my Dad's motorcycle while we went 4 wheeling all over the mountains here in Ennis...)