Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Bill (my husband) was finally able to go paragliding today.  It's the first time in Montana since we moved here.  It's been pretty frustrating for him just trying to get a hold of the right people and gather information on site locations and times etc.  Then he couldn't go because he was too sick for a few weeks, then it was either too windy or rainy or the wrong timing of his work schedule. 

I probably shouldn't say this but he has been "brooding' about this for some time.  He bought a brand new wing in Utah right before we moved and because we were in the middle of the move he didn't have any time to try it out.  The Point of the Mountain in Salt Lake is a well known place around the world for Paragliding.   So coming from that right outside your back door to what we have here around Bozeman is on many levels very different. And its going to take some getting used to. 

Today he finally made it.  We met up with his local paragliding buddy, Keith, and went to Story Hills and gave it a try.  He is a VERY HAPPY CAMPER NOW!  Here are a few pictures. 

At the top of the hill getting ready to bring up his wing.

Again getting ready to open his wing.

I just had to take this picture!  This cow came running up the hill, obviously very irritated that they were invading its space or its hill.  He stood there watching and "mooing" for quite some time.  It was hilarious!

Bill and his paragliding buddy Kieth

Finally off the ground and soaring away!

Soaring downward

It just looks like it from this angle.  He actually made a very smooth landing behind the tree. 

See there he is gathering his wing.

Getting ready for the hike back up the hill

Still Hiking

Almost there!

Now Bill is looking forward to the next time.  Hoping for tomorrow or the next day.  I am sure I will be taking many more pictures now that he knows where all the paragliding sites are and when they fly. 

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