Thursday, December 3, 2009

Group Blog Thursday - Christmas Shopping

This week's topic is all about Christmas Shopping and how we approach it.  Head on over to Stephanie's to join up and to read what others are sharing.

To be honest, I really hate shopping, period!  Except for Christmas.  I love Christmas shopping and I start getting in the mood for it as soon as it starts getting cold and especially when it snows. 

I used to be one of those people who started in October and got most of it done before Thanksgiving, because besides hating to shop, I hate crowds even worse.  One year I had all my shopping done before Halloween and at first I felt wonderful and organized, but then the Christmas Holidays arrived along with the decorations, the music and the excitment of Christmas and I felt bad that I wasn't out shopping during "The Season".  I missed the Christmas Spirit and the Christmas Feeling it brings when you are out during that time.  So after that I swore I would never again completely finish my Christmas Shopping before the Season even began. 

But I also swore I would NEVER go Black Friday shopping.  Then a few years ago my little sister, Valerie, begged me to go with her and she also talked my other sister, Alicia, and my Mom into going also.  None of us had ever had the desire before and I can't believe I went!  But we had such a great time and got some wonderful gifts for awesome prices, so we made it a tradition and went together for several years.  From that point on I began my Christmas shopping on Black Friday. 

This year, however, I did not do any shopping on Black Friday and I have yet to even start to shop.  What?  This year has been a little A LOT different for me.  It's just my husband and I after just moving to a new State and a new town.  And on Thanksgiving weekend my kids came to visit and I just wanted to spend all the time with them and didn't have a desire to get up early on Black Friday, nor did I have anyone to go with, plus I didn't have the money I had hoped to have to spend on Christmas shopping that weekend either.  That took all the fun out of it!

I really wanted to do more handmade type gifts this know... gifts from the heart?  But with the move and everything I just have not had the time to do it.  So to come up with ideas for what to buy the people on my list was a real struggle.  And maybe the desire just hasn't been there either.  It's the first year I will be away from my kids and my family for Christmas and I think it's got me down just a bit. 

The good news is I have finally made my list and I have an idea of what I want to get, and now I am feeling the rush and the desire to get it done because Christmas is in just 3 weeks....... Eeeek.... THREE WEEKS????   Now if payday Friday would just get here! 

How do you approach or handle your Christmas Shopping? 


Stephanie Faris said...

My sister wanted to go to the mall on Black Friday. Not for Christmas shopping but to buy things for her. I thought she was crazy, but I agreed to go. We lucked into a parking space but the crowds just about drove me crazy! And the lines... It almost wasn't worth it to buy anything to have to stand in a 20-minute line.

midRae said...

I have missed your comments recently. I know you have been busy visiting with kids, yea!!, and all, but it's good to hear from you. I hate shopping, but I love getting things for my family that will make them smile. My best Christmas gift is the smile on my families faces Christmas morning. I need nothing else. Love you Sherri. Have fun shopping, I'll be out there this weekend also.

Alissa said...

I've only done the Black Friday thing from the other side of the register. (In case you were wondering, it's not much fun.) Hoping to avoid stress this year, by ordering a bunch of stuff online. I like the idea of handmade gifts as well, but these will probably be the extra little things that go with my Christmas gifts. (This way if I don't get them done I won't be going crazy right before Christmas.)