Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Legend of the Christmas Candle

     Long ago, in a small Austrian village, lived a poor cobbler and his wife.  They were very kind and generous - always sharing their few possessions with others.
     Every Christmas Eve, they placed a lighted candle in their window to welcome those less fortunate, a symbol of their warmth, love and generosity.
     When war, famine and destruction had fallen upon their village, the cobbler and his wife seemed to suffer far less than the other villagers.  Thinking perhaps the lighted candle was the reason for this, everyone placed a lighted candle in the window on Christmas Eve.
     The very next morning, a messenger rode into the village with the wonderful news - peace had come!
     When they had given thanks to God for this blessing of peace, the villagers vowed to place a candle in their windows on each Christmas Eve thereafter.
     Since then the custom has spread all over the world, conveying a message of love, hope and peace.

May your days be happy, your heart be light, your Christmas merry, and the New Year bright!

From Our Home to Yours!


midRae said...

I love that you are finding and sharing. I always wondered about the candle in the window. Now I know. Hope it's warmed up some for you. And stay away from the car this week. You need a break.

Test Site said...
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Nikia, May and da kids said...

I love that story. I think we'll buy a few electric candles for our windows now that I know what it symbolizes.


The Garden of Egan said...

Love the story. We've always had candles in our windows.
Stay warm!