Friday, December 4, 2009

Mountain Goats

In one of my recent posts, A look at Thanksgiving,  I mentioned that we had gone on a ride towards West Yellowstone and we saw some Mountain Goats and that I would blog about it later.  Well it's later and here it is....

So during Thanksgiving weekend we were in the car taking the kids on a scenic ride along the Gallatin River towards West Yellowstone when I spotted something that I thought was some deer to the side of the road up ahead.  As we drove by I realized they were no deer but Rocky Mountain Goats.  And boy did I get excited.  So I made Bill turn around at the first turn out and I got my camera out and ready. 

When we came back up to that area I spot 2 more mountain goats actually crossing the River and by this time I am jumping in my seat telling Bill to stop.  I really wanted to get a picture of them crossing the river. It would have been so awesome! But there were cars behind us and there was no place to pull off the road so we had to drive a little further up the road again just to turn around and get to a place where we can pull off.  By this time the Mountain Goats, 4 of them, were crossing the road in front of cars.  And I am out there snapping as many pictures as I can before they moved on.  I am still so bummed that I didn't get a picture of them crossing the river. 

It's not everyday you see something like this.  In fact I have never seen Mountain Goats in the wild, only on TV or in books.  So I think this was quite a beautiful site and a great experience that Shellise, Jessie, Bill and I will always remember.  It was exciting!   

I think they were actually trying to eat the stripes off the road.

Aren't they just beautiful?


midRae said...

Excellent! I like you have seen them only once in real life. Luckily you got a much better view than I did. I am so glad that you guys had a great week.

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I have had a very colorful life and visited the Bozeman area twice and worked out of Billings for 6 months. Nice place if you need tranquility. I suppose the goats walk around like stray pets just like the moose do in Alaska. I've lived there for a few years. Mind if I follow your journey?

check us out sometime

Parenthood For Me said...

that's amazing you see them like I see a squirrel. I still marvel at the deer in my community. Some people complain about them but I think they are beautiful.