Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 2009

Most of you have already written your posts about your Christmas.  I know I am a bit behind all of you organized people.  But even though it may be a little late, I am still going to write my Christmas 2009 Review if for nothing else but journaling purposes.

Bill and I had a very nice and quiet Christmas together.  This is the first Christmas I have not been with my kids or family.  We opened the traditional PJ's on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Day we slept in until about 9:00.  That's a first for me.  In Christmas's past we would have had Christmas over with by that time.  Anyway, we ate the traditional breakfast of my pull-apart bread with scrambled eggs and bacon.  And then we opened our gifts to each other.  I recieved some very nice gifts.  One of the things he gave me that is the most treasured of all the gifts is personalized cards he wrote in for me to open each month of the new year.  I can't wait to open my next one.  Thanks Babe!

We spent the day watching movies, going for a walk down main street in Bozeman, preparing and eating our Christmas dinner of prime rib.  Mmmmm!

The next morning on December 26th we drove 4 hrs to Idaho Falls and back to pick up my kids.  It's the halfway point between Bozeman and Salt Lake City.  We got back home around 9:00 pm and had Christmas with them.  They got to spend the rest of the week with us until Jan 2nd when we drove them back to Idaho Falls. 

During the week they were here we mostly just hung out around the house.  We did venture out for a walk down main street.  Shellise loves the look of all the old buildings and she wanted to use the camera she got for Christmas to take pictures of old town Bozeman.  We went and saw the movie Avatar.  This movie was awesome!  We all loved it and I would recommend you go see it too. 

Bill had to work on New Years Eve so the kids and I prepared a few fun snack foods and planned to play some games and watch movies.  However, by 9pm Shellise was asleep.  She was too tired to stay up to ring in the New Year so Jessie and I just watched a movie and then watched the Dick Clark Time Square Special.  Jessie had never seen the ball drop.  On New Years Day we did a little more celebrating with Bill and watched movies.  It was a quiet but nice New Year's for us. 

I can't believe how quickly the time passed by.  Before I knew it, it was time to take the kids back.  And then the hard reality set in.  There is nothing to look forward to anytime soon. No big Holiday's coming up and  I probably won't see the kids again until summer.  Instead I get to continue looking for and hopefully find a job very soon.

We had a wonderful Christmas even though it wasn't what we would call "normal".  We missed being surrounded by family and friends.  However, I am very thankful for the wondeful memories that were made and that I was able to make those memories with those I love the most..... my dear sweet husband and my awesome kids. 

Here is a slideshow of our Christmas....


Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Gotta love Shellise's pj's. We missed seeing everyone this year. It just wasn't the same. Oh well!

Take Care!

Love Alicia

The Garden of Egan said...

Looks like you guys had a quiet Christmas like ours. New Years was another story.
You drove right by me on your way to IF!
Good luck to your New Year!

Karen said...

That sounds like a very nice holiday!

Our Christmas was fairly quiet this year, too. I was sort of glad. It was tough for me to get into the spirit this year and I liked keeping it low-key.