Friday, January 8, 2010

Jibber Jabber from a Blog Slacker

Well maybe I'm not necessarily a complete Blog Slacker, I have just been so busy that I haven't done my regular posting this week and I haven't had a chance to do much catching up with you on your blogs.  Mix that with completely taking last week off, it makes me feel like I am slacking.  I am just going to have to get used to that and not feel guilty.  I really have come to love blogging.  And I have tried to at least post something at a minimum 3 days per week this past year, as it is my way of journaling my life.  But things are going to be changing for me to where I may not have that kind of time anymore.  What am I saying? 

Well lets start off with this......   I don't usually make New Year resolutions per say but this year I did create a list of tasks or "to do's" that need to get accomplished.  So without further ado here is the list.  The first on the list will tell you why I may not have time for regular blogging. 

My 2010 To-Do List

  1. Get a job. 

  2. Spend at least 4 hrs each day doing something towards getting a job. 

  3. Purchase clothes for work.

  4. Create our 2010 Budget and stick to it.  Find ways to save more money.

  5. Exercise daily and eat healthier.

  6. New Transmission for the Buick Rendevous. 

  7. Window fixed on Mercury.

  8. Piano repaired and tuned (as of today, the peddle maneuver thing broke)

  9. Purchase New Computer (ASAP-ours is a dinosaur and is wreaking havoc, causing great stress and wasting valuable time.

  10. Get taxes done ASAP. 

  11. Find and take class on digital photography.

  12. Copy all pictures from computer to a CD. 

  13. Plan trip to Arizona to see kids and grandkids.

  14. Plan trip to Texas to visit Bill's parents.

  15. Crochet at least 2-3 aphgan's this year.

  16. Practice piano daily.

  17. Study sunday school lesson earlier in week and find ways to improve teaching.

  18. Order credit report and find ways to improve credit score. (credit history really sucks since my divorce)

  19. Find out why the heck I still have not received my portion of my ex's retirement as stated in divorce settlement now going on 2 years.  What a joke!

  20. Begin organizing and scrapbooking pictures . 

Well that just about covers it.  Just by looking at my top 9 items, you can see why I need a job.  Since moving to Montana I have not had a job and have enjoyed staying home and being able to do what I have wanted.  The job market is still a little scary.  There are lots of people competing for the jobs that are available.  So we will see.  I am looking for a part-time job and I have extensive experience in many areas. 

So this week all I have been doing is updating my resume and applying for jobs, as well as starting on that budget thing.  This all takes time and that is why I have been so busy and quiet from blog world, and why I feel like a blog slacker. 

Wish me luck in the job hunt!   Hi-ho-hi-ho its off to work I go!  


Valerie said...

Wishing you much luck in the job hunt--hope the search is a short one! :) To change your blog post title font and others, I used one of the tutorials at
Check under blog secrets. That's how I have learned to do a whole bunch of customization for my blog.

The Garden of Egan said...

Good luck to you! I wouldn't want to have to be looking for a job.
You have some pretty lofty goals. I think they are good and you'll do great.

John said...

Sherrie, it sounds like you are going to have a busy year ahead of you, that is quite a list. If you don't have a program on your computer for putting pictures on a CD, I would highly recommend Picasa3 I have it and just love it. I recently added the Windows Photo Gallery update and use it in conjunction with Picasa3. I to have been lax on updating my blog.

Lara said...

Good luck finding a job! I will be thinking of you.

Erin said...

Wow, you have a lot of things to do this year!! Good luck on the job front. And I love the idea of practicing the piano daily. Too bad it's not high enough on my priority list to actually do :)

claire said...

Good luck in your search for a job. You do have many talents and skills that will help you in your search. Sounds like many lofty goals for you this year. Keep working hard. Love ya

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I like the "plan a trip to see the kids and grandkids." I vote that be your priority. The other stuff just get done in the order you think of their importance.

Can't replace family. Good luck!

Talia, Justin, and Turner said...

Good luck Sherrie!! I loved the list. It forced me think about all the things that need to get done, repaired, thrown out, and replaced in my house. I do love that you are going to take a digital photography class. You will have so much fun! Take care and go get em'.

herana said...

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